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Durek David Verrett – norske aner på morssiden?

Elin Galtung Lihaug

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in other words, and as Neil is stating: For all practical purposes, Oscar Farmer must be assumed to be the grandfather. This is obviously the most likely candidate, at least in the absence of any other evidence.


it may simply mean that the family history later on conflated the "step grand-father" and the "real" grand-father, and this may be where the supposed Norwegian ancestry came in. So although there may not be any biological links to Norway, it may still have contributed to the family lore.

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Hvem er det som har funnet ut at Durek har en norsk ane i Abraham Hellen (Ann Turid Ford) og dermed billedveversken

Sigrid Hellen. Jobber på vegne av en gruppe i Skåbu, i kirken der henger en billedvev av Sigrid (Jesu graverd)

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