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Ole Syversen & Anne Amundsdatter

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Ken Ogren

I am looking to make the connections to this couples parents.  Anne looks fairly clear to me, but I don't know of a way to narrow down the Oles that were born in 1794 -1796 to father Syver.  I also can't seem to make out the name Syver in the handwritten records.


This is what I have for their marriage


32. U.K Ole Syverssen Fjerdingren Eje 24 Aar Gammel.  P. Anne Amundsdr. Heringstad Eje 21 Aar Gaml.

Simen Fjerdingreen og  Ener Holen.  22de October. Place of Marriage: H. K.


I have this census for Anne Amundsdatter household 3


maybe this birth record?


it. An. Mar. W. H. = Annuntiatio Mariæ Waage Hovedkirke.

Amund Olsens P. - Anne

f. Hans Lien, Peder Lysager, Hans Ellingsbøe, Simen Hougen, Imbiør Roen.

if this record is correct Anne would have been 24 not 21 at the marriage.


and perhaps this census for Ole Syversen?  Household 2


This one household 9


This one


or this one household 1



I've been looking for a map that might help me understand the relationships of the farms in this census.


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Kåre Tofte

Try this website; https://kart.gulesider.no/?c=61.750026,9.331985&z=15&q="Kruke gård, Øverbygdsvegen, HEIDAL";84462321;yp

Search for i.e. Hæringstad, Kruke, Lysaker or Ellingsbø (spelled that way) - then you will find them in the same area in Heidal, nearby the church.

Hougen = Haugen is in Nord-Sel,  Ulsvolden is/was in Nord-Sel, Gaarden = Gården is in Vågå,  Klev Mellem = Kleivmellom is in Otta. 

Rusten is located here; https://kart.gulesider.no/?c=61.712099,9.410563&z=15&q="Rusti";214291223;geo  

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Ken Ogren
Posted (edited)

I have been looking for Ole's birth record in Vaga from 1794 through 1797.  I'm hoping to find the Ole's with Father Syver so that I can try to find other clues in the record.  I found one record for Ole with a father Ivar.  https://media.digitalarkivet.no/en/view/9247/44849/88

something like

"it[em]" (also; refers to "2 Epi  W  S" above)

"Iver Stordalens Db __ Ole

F. Hans Rasmuss. Knud Nyhusen, Guri Svilstad, Brith Ulevolden, Anne Olsdtr."


Are Iver and Syver ever used for the same person?  I don't see any clues in this record to help me link to the Ole who married Anne Amundsdatter.


Geni seems to suggest that Ole's father was Syver Andersen, but I can't seem to find a Syver with a son Ole in this time frame.

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Carl Nilsen

If you use FS to make a (possibly non-exhaustive) list of OS in Vågå between 1790-1800, you find the following:


1791-04-03: Siver Enangen



1793-05-26: Syver Gaarden (your 3rd candidate?)



1793-10-06: Syver Syversen/Mari Olsdatter



1794-01-01: Siver Sandvigen



1796-01-01: Syver Erichsen/Marit Enersdatter



FS does not list «faddere», but at least you will know roughly where to look in the church records. I also assume that the baptisms at 01-01 may be from people not bothering to translate the lithurgic calendar.


If you go one step further and check confirmation records for 1805-1820 (a transcribed version is available from Vågå historielag by Eirik Haugen https://vaagaa-historielag.org/Gard-og-slekt./Eirik-Haugen/Konfirmerte-i-Vågå-hovudsokn.pdf), you will find only 1 Ole S*versen confirmed in this period. Unfortunately, he is not listed with a farm.


https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/9248/55 (no 7, left column on right page)


I would start checking «utflytting» and burials to see if I could exclude any of the other candidates. Also check what other OSs are getting married around the same time to see if you can eliminate some of the competition. The method of elimination does not offer proof, but can be good help. Of course your OS might not even be born in Vågå. Maybe expand your search at least to Lom?


As far as I know, Iver is not used for Syver unless a proper mistake is made (which is always possible). The common variations I know of is Syvert/Syvert/Siver/Sivert/Sjur. Possibly with a «j» thrown in somewhere for good measure. 🙂

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Ken Ogren

Great ideas!  thank you so much for the advice.  I have not been able to come up with a good strategy.  It is helpful to know what names are sometimes interchanged.  I appreciate your Help. 🙂

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Ken Ogren

This is the lead I am feeling most confident about;


"it[em]" ("Circ  W & Sel"; new year Vågå and Sel)

"Marit Enersdt med Sold Syver Erichsen uægte Db Ole

f Ole Holen, Lars Hovdet,  Anders Brænna, Brit Rolvsdt., Barbra Holen"

"beg 1st L" (both 1st out of wedlock)


I found

Syver Eriksen 1772* Hendes børn Ugift National soldat     Lomb: Garmoe     1801-02-01 1801 census for 0514P Lom


Marit Enersdatter 1771*    Tienestefolk Wangs: Heen Øvre    1801-02-01 1801 census for 0545P Vang


Marit Enersdatter appears to be somewhat of a rare name.  I can find none in Vågå


There is no Ole living with either of them 5 years after he is born.  Any thoughts?


I see this Ole Syversen, the parents seem too old to have had this son, perhaps foster?  I have not been able to find a birth record with Syver Thordsen as father of Ole in the area of 1795 -1797


On 8/26/2020 at 12:01 PM, Kåre Tofte said:

Hougen = Haugen is in Nord-Sel

I see your family in Geni, but no information on brother Ole Syversen.



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Kåre Tofte

I agree with you, it is most probably the son of Marit Enersdtr Holen (named his son after his grandfather).   


I can also not find them in the census of 1801, but there is a lot of errors (wrong names)- and missing people in that census. 


If anyone with access to the book Gards og slektshistorie Heidal could look up the farms Rusten, Amundstad (where his wife came from) and Holen (where his mother probably came from) then that could possibly give some additional information about him. 



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Per S. Nestande

I hope the following information and comments may be useful for you Ken:


Here are some information from the Gards- og slektshistorie for Heidal:


Volum 1, page 72 (Holen, 178/1)

Einar Hansson Holen (1834-1805) and his first wife Rønnaug Olsdatter Fjordungrein (1735-1785) had 7 children including a daughter Marit born 1762, but no further information is included about her that year of birth. Einar and Rønnaug also have e a daughter Barbro born 1776, cf. one of the godfathers at the christening of Ola Syversen in 1796 is called Barbro Holen. They also have a son Ola born 1768 who may be identical to the godfathers at the batims of Einar Olsson in 1821.


Volume 1, page 56 (Rusten under Fjordungrein, 177/3)

The only information is Ola Syversson (1796-1867) married 1820 to Anne Amundsdatter (1798-1864) from Nedre Amunstad, 2 children:

  1. Einar born 1820, took over Rusten.

  2. Marit born 1823, married to Pål Andersson from Lustugu.

No information about his origin, but the fact that the oldest son is called Einar and not Syver support the theory of Ola being born out of wedlock.


Volum 2, page 58 (Nedre Amundstad under Heringstad, 185/5)

The information about Anne’s parents is: Amund Olsson (1773-?) married 1795 to Mari Pålsdatter (1773-?), 3 children (Eli, Anne and Pål).


Bygdebok for Lom:


Volume 1, page 83 (Uppigard Garmo)

Syver Eriksson (1772-1850) was married in 1802 and had 2 children. No information about any children out of wedlock of Syver included in the book. I agree that it is not many other candidates in Vågå called Syver Eriksson.


As for Marit Enersdatter in the 1801 census:

I am not convinced that the candidate in Vang, Valdres is the correct person. It may seem the person living at Hæn was even called Anne and not Marit (cf. the clip from the bygdebok for Vang, volume 1B, page 306). I have not tried to look into the original text of the census, nor checked if any Marit Einarsdotter was baptised in Vang during the relevant period. However, there does not appear to be another Anne Einarsdotter of the relevant age in Vang in 1801. Here is the baptism of Anne Einarsdotter Hæn in 1774:

SAH, Vang prestekontor, Valdres, Parish register (official) no. 1, 1730-1796, p. 226-227

Quick link: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20070621000034

I have not tried to explore this family in Vang anymore so I may have got something wrong.


However, to me it seems more likely that Marit and her son Ola are omitted in the 1801 census in Vågå than that she lived in Vang in 1801, notably as the Marit Einarsdotter at Hæn is not listed with a son.


Kind regards



Bygdebok Vang.JPG

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Tusen Takk, wow what great information.  I feel fairly confident in moving forward with these two as Ole's parents, thank you again.

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