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Multiple Husbands for Bodil Pedersdatter Schelderup and Magdalena Svendsdatter Hognestad reference DA 12052, 50681

Bruce Solberg

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   I have been working on adding DNA matched trees available on My Heritage of .5%-1%  or more into my tree around Hognestad,  as i try  to find a connection or multiple connections  of Leiel Haukland to Svein Olsen Hognestad for research on Haukland in Lund.   Leiel and Svein owned land together at aniksdal, and two other small farms.       



 As I filled in some of the branches of the trees,   I find the following  two branches claiming the same two wives,  but with different husbands.     



1.  Jens Hanssøn Høyland Bonde 1520  married to Bodil Pedersdatter Schelderup ,

2.   Peder Jensen  Bonde Høyland Håland   1545    married to Magdalena Svendsdatter Hognestad ,    

3.  Jens Pederson Bonde Høyland 1586. 

 Peder and Magdalena have  9 children if I include Klaus Pedersen Stangeland, and  Jakob Pedersen Vagle,   who are most often included with the tree B below.     



1..   Jacob Stangeland 1520 Married to Bodil Pedersdatter Schelderup, 

2.   Peder Jacobsen Stangeland 1543,  married to Magdalene Svendsdatter Hognestad .   

3.  Klaus Pedersen Stangeland  


     The  My Heritage and geni  records for Peder Jacobsen Stangeland and  Peder Jensson Bonde Høyland appear almost identical in construct,  so I have one that is wrong,  or that both men were married to Magdalena?.       


    I believe that the first one is correct,  and that Klaus Pedersen Stangeland and Jakob Pedersen Vagle would be children of group A.   


      I have used the following resources.   

     DA conversations 12052, 50681,    searches for Håland vs Høyland which produced a good discussion and finally  a resource on schelderup 

   http://nose.dk/Norge/schjelderup0.html#10   . 


    The priest list for Stavanger also lists Peder Jensen as a prest .     I have looked at WIKI, Ancestry, and Family Tree,  which all seem to point to Peder Jensen as being the correct one.   If he is,  I would still appreciate any information on his father,   i.e.  is it  peder Jenson or Hanssøn_   




       I would appreciate any help to straighten out this duplication,  Thanks in Advance........

MVH  Bruce 

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