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1845 Immigration help for Talleiv Aamundsson Høglid from Fyresdal, Telemark please

Kaye Lystad Kirk

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Can anyone please help me with immigration information for my 2x great-grandfather, Talleiv Aamundsson Høglid? (He ended up in Wisconsin, USA and then Minnesota, USA.)


He was born on either 3 Oct 1823 or 13 Oct 1823 at either Moen, Brunkeberg, Kviteseid, Telemark OR Morgedal, Kviteseid, Telemark. (Is anyone able to verify where he was born? The Kviteseid Ættesoga says Moen, Brunkeberg, but his out-migration church record looks like it says Morgedal, but it is hard to read.)


His "out-migration" record from his church (from Fyresdal, Telemark) is dated 17 Mar 1845. LINK: Fyresdal Out-Migration Record 
Talleiv is on line 7 under the year 1845. (He is the second from the bottom on the left side of the page.)


Here is a LINK to Talleiv in the online version of Kviteseid Ættesoga: Talleiv Aamundsson Høglid in online Kviteseid Ættesoga


If possible, I'd like to know:

  1. Where was he born? (Moen, Brunkeberg or Morgedal?)
  2. What port did he sail from?
  3.  When did he sail?
  4.  What vessel did he sail on?   
  5. When did he arrive?
  6. Where did he arrive? (NYC? Canada?)


Thank you!

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According to the original baptism record from Brunkeberg church in Kviteseid parish, he was born on 13 October 1823.


Kviteseid kirkebøker, SAKO/A-276/F/Fb/L0001: Parish register (official) no. II 1, 1815-1836, p. 32
Quick link: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20061213360288


The copy is easier to read, but here the birth date is October 3. Note that this is not the official record.

Kviteseid kirkebøker, SAKO/A-276/G/Gb/L0001: Parish register (copy) no. II 1, 1815-1842, p. 31
Quick link: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20061213350279


His parents were «Lodbrugere» on the farm Moen


In the emigration record from Fyresdal in 1845, he is listed as having lived at Midgaarden, in Fyresdal.

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Tallef Aasmundsen probably left Fyresdal soon after he obtained a copy of his birth certificate on March 17, 1845.


Here is a list of the known ship departures in 1845


There are three frequent ports in Telemark that year, Kragerø, Skien and Porsgrunn, and one would expect that Tallef left from one of these.

However, there are no departures in March.


The closest in time is the departure from Porsgrunn on April 7, but the list might not be complete.

It seems New York was the most common destination for the emigrant ships in 1845.



Edited by Matthias Kolberg
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@Matthias Kolberg Thanks for your replies. I had also looked at the ship departures awhile back on the Norwegian Heritage site. I was hoping to find a passenger list around that time with his name on it, but no such luck. Thank you anyway - your help is much appreciated.

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