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Lilian Finstad and Solvieg ??

JR Olsen

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After 13 years of family research I am 2 names away from completing my family file. I do not want to end it now with only 2 names missing.


I have searched many records. I have been in contact with libraries, and either they could not assist or I did not get a reply. I have been in contact with people I thought might be relatives and people who said that they know members of these 2 families, but I still did not get a reply.


The names are:


Lilian Norderheim, born March 18, 1924. She died on March 27, 1999. Parents: William and Gerda Norderheim. They lived in Vestre Aker. She is buried at Strømbråten in Vestby. She married a Finstad. I am attempting to find out the given name of this Finstad.


Solveig Ekeberg, born May 6, 1928. Parents: Ove Andre and Inga Marie Ekeberg. They lived in Vestre Aker. A couple of leads suggest that Solveig might have married Fredrik Eugen Rodsten or Tryves Haug. If she married Rodsten then she is buried at Høybråten.....if she married Haug, then she is buried in Hamar.


I do not contact newspaper staff because I never get a reply.



Both of their parents are buried at Nordre gravlund.


Does anyone have any suggestions that may assist in getting information on these 2 people. I would be contented just to find out who they married. Anything to add to the file.


Thank you.

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Also, I have been trying to find a researcher-for-hire in the Oslo area. But, I am not having any luck with that.


One other reason that I want to make contact with these families is that I have copies of pictures of these families. I am sure that members of these families would like to have copies of these old pictures.

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Oyvind Larsen


I can not thank you enough. It is greatly appreciated. Because of this confirmation I now know at least some of their descendants.



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