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Found 1 result

  1. Brandon Plaizier

    Family Tree Norwegian Side

    I seem to have hit a road block and cannot seem to go any wider or deeper. This is the earliest info I have. Karl (Carl) Kristian Hagen (Kristiansen, Karlsen, Fredlund) Born July 11 1856 in Grorud, Oslo, Norway to parents Kristian Torstensen and Karen Sophie Johannesen. Married Alvilde Maksy (Maxy, Mazy) Juditte Sand (Antonsdatter) born July 12 1866 in Kristiania, Norway to parents Dr. Anton Julius Sand and Mathea Jensen Hoff. I cannot seem to locate any birth records for them, nor info on siblings. I also cannot locate any reliable info on the parents or their siblings. I do have info on them and children from a few census records, and their marriage certificates. I have also found lots of info on their kids including birth records so I am good there. P.S. I cannot read the forum titles so I am unsure of if I am putting this in the right forum, sorry.
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