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Gjest Jean Marthaler

[#15856] Gurine Halvorsdatter, born 1847, Tinn Telemark

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Gjest Jean Marthaler

I am trying to find the birth family of Gurine Halvorsdatter. We beleive she was born July 23, 1847. On her marriage certificate it says she was born in Thinn, Telemark and that her father was Halvor Knudson.She was married in 1869 in Stromso, Buskerud to Hans Martin Halvorsen. They had about 7 children. The names of the children are Halvor, Severin, Oline, Magda, Magnus, Thomas and possibly Carl Andreas.According to US census records, the family immigrated between 1887 and 1892.The person I am helping is going to Norway in about a month and would like to visit the home farm in the Tinn area. I have the Tinnsoga book and would be willing to help him, however I do not have any clues as to which farm she may have been born on. If need be I will have to page through the whole book to see if I can come up with anyone who matches. I have searched the Digitalarkivet and have not come up with anyone who definitely matches. If anyone would have any suggestions on how to find her Telemark origins we would be very appreciative.Thank you, Jean in Minnesota

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