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Gjest Rhonda Brower

[#16506] Lars Tobiassen Aska information

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Gjest Rhonda Brower

Searching for ships & agents names my ancestors took to the US. I found them in your records 'Emigrants from Stavanger 1825-1970'. Lars Tobiassen AskØ, birth: 12081864 on the farm Kada on Mosteroy Island. Antonette Tobiasdatter AskØ, birth: 12011862. They were brother & sister. Records show their date of departure from Stavanger harbour as 1884. Also listed was Ole Tobiassen AskØ, age 31, date of departure 1890. Tobias Olsen Aske and Esther Larsdatter were the parents also departing 1890. My questions are: Is there anyway of finding out what the 'Remarks' are? Any there other records to indicate the ships' name and what port they entered the US at? I have a picture of Lars' seachest with some writing on it. We think it says C.B. Rasmusen, which I'm told might be the ships name or the agents name. Is this familiar with anyone?? Family information is that Antonette came thru Castle Gardens in New York (before Ellis Island opened). I have a document for Lars: The letter is a kind of passport issued for Lars Tobiassen and it says: Son of Tobias Larsen and wife Esther Larsdottir AskØ is according to Renneso 'church register' born the 12th August, baptized 21st August in 1864 and confirmed the 12th October 1879. At the religion classes at school he got the grade very good. He is not married. His moral attitude is very good. Rennesø priest 8th May 1884 Paid NOK 0,80. L. Thygesen (Priest) Lars applied for citizenship in Story County, Iowa on 25 March, 1886. He received his naturalization papers in the Clerk of the District Court, Lake County, Colorado on 7 August, 1902. Another sister Elen Malene Tobiassen AskØ was born 1867, but never came to the US. Family information indicates she passed away shortly after Lars left Norway (1884). How difficult is it to find out the date she died and where she's buried? I'd be very thankful for any information or suggestions anyone can provide me on my ancestors. Thank you.

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