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[#17117] Missing in the USA

Guest Andrew Peterson

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Guest Andrew Peterson

1. Georg Pedersen b. Dec 6. 1866 last seen emigrating to Deerfield, Wisconsin May 10, 18852. Emil Pedersen b. May 9, 1880 and Johan Pederseb b. Sept 28, 1882. Both last seen emigrating to Boston, Mass July 1898 with brother Anders Pedersen and wife Emma who went to Newton, Winnebago, Iowa)3. Helene Erickson b. Nov 11, 1876 last seen emigrating April 1902 Ellis Island - destination Leland, Winnebago, IowaWhat is known:-Anders/Emma Pedersen (Andrew Peterson) family settled in Winnebago Co, IA and Faribault Co, MN 1898-1920.-His sister Lina (Pedersdatter)Bredeson family settled in Lake Mills, IA-Anna Erickson, Emma's unmarried sister settled in Forest City - Lake Mills, IA.Her parents Arnt and Elise Erickson adopted Helene's boy and settled in Logan, Winnebago, IA---------------------------------------------Missing in Norway:4. Olaus Pedersen b. April 13, 1871 last seen Nes, Hedmark. April 13, 18715. Mina Arntsdatter (oldest Eriksen girl) b Nov 7, 1874 Nes, Hedmark last seen moving to Kristiania 1892, attest in 1897.Will keep as single thread. Thanks.

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