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Gjest Allan Levorsen

[#18794] Would someone search the 1711 'Skoskatt' in Lårdal Prestegjeld, Telemark ?

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Gjest Allan Levorsen

Dear Norwegians: I am looking for someone (in Oslo ?) who is willing to search the 1711 'skoskatt' for Laardal, Høydalsmoe, and Øyfjell for occurances of the forename of Levor(d), Lidvord, etc. Perhaps it would be best to include occurances of Tallach/Tallak and Jarand/Jørand as well. These names are not very common in these areas, so this may be easier than it appears.I am descended on my father's side to Ledvor Tallachsen (døbt 14 Apr 1728 at Laardal, Telemark, døde 14 Aug 1823 på Bokkekjenmyra, Bamble, Telemark) who was the son of Tallach/Tallak /Lidvorsen/ Haegtved, Homme, osv. f. ca.1703 (still looking for burial record) and Karj/Kari /Jarandsdatter/ Tveten (abt.1707-abt.1743?).Of course, I am trying to find the parents of both the father and and mother. Now, my research in the area indicates that there are not likely to be more than a few Levors/Lidvors per parish (sogn). The same should also be true for the number of Tallachs/Tallaks and possibly the number of Jarands/Jørands (as males). These people seem to probably be of the 'husmann' class or occupation, and seem to move around fairly often. Tallach Lidvorsen had a brother named Joen and I think Aslack Lidvorsen of that time and place was also a brother. All of these would have been children at the time of the 1711 'skoskatt'. Also watch out for spelling variations, even Laadvor, etc.As a matter or manner of exchange, perhaps we could arrange a trade in research services, at least for this search. There are some sources here at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City that someone may want to have searched. One example is the compilation of biographical sketches from various sources into one set of index volumes. This work is called 'The Scandinavian Biographical Index', edited by Laureen Baillie. It was published in London, Melborne, Munich, and New Jersey in 1994. The Family History Library also has a considerable number of 'bygdebøker' for various parishes. However, you may have to decide what is most of value to you. Perhaps I could even be researching on your request while you are looking for mine. I would like to know also something about how long it may take anyone who volunteers to exchange research for my specified query.An option to my line of query might be researching records in Lårdal. However, if searching the 'skoskatt' can be done easily, it would probably be of much help in searching records in Lårdal prestegjeld.Responses may be in either Norwegian or English.Gratefully, Allan Levorsen, allanlevorsen@yahoo.com

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