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Gjest Vivian Moulder

[#20392] Mandal Church Records

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Gjest Vivian Moulder

Can anyone help me with Mandal church records? I am still trying to find where Niels Ansteensen's parents were from. Niels was born about 1766/67 in Mandal to Ansten Anstensen and Berte Nielsdatter. He is on the 1801 census in Mandal with his family. He was a seaman, and he was 35 in 1801. I am wondering if his birth record would give any clue as to where his parents were from. (His parents were married in 1753 in Lyngdal, but I can't find anything there. They moved to Mandal and had their children there.) If they were married in Lyngdal, would that necessarily mean she was from there? I have no idea where Ansten would have been from. Hoping records would reveal something.Vivian

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