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[#23149] Christian E. Sveum, foreldre: Even og Johanna, Ringsaker

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Gjest Kjell-Erik Andal

Kom over dette minneordet i USA:Christian E. Sveum, the well known proprietor of Sveum Stock Farm of 196 acres, located in sections 23 and 24, and Home Farm of 160 acres, in section 14, town 23 north, range 7 west, Hale Township, was born in Ringsager, Norway, April 6, 1863. His parents, Even and Johanna Sveum, both died in Norway. In 1886, Christian E. Sveum, then 23 years old, came to the United States, seeking to better his condition. Having heard of opportunities in the great Northwest, he located in Whitehall, Trempealeau County, Wis., renting the farm of Hans Borreson - now the Sveum Stock Farm - for six years. At the end of that time he purchased it, and in April, 1913, bought his other farm, known as the Home Farm. He is successfully engaged in agriculture and stock raising, his two properties being well improved, and is numbered among the substantial and prosperous farmers of Hale Township. Nov. 13, 1889, Mr. Sveum was married to Anna Borreson, who was born on the old farm in sections 23 and 24, Hale Township, which her parents, Hans and Helena (Anderson) Borreson homesteaded in 1870. They were born in Norway, in the town of Birid, the father July 5, 1830, and the mother Jan. 5, 1832. They were married in 1869 at Coon Valley, Vernon County, Wis., the same year in which they came to America. Both are now living on the farm. They had four children, of whom three died in infancy, the only survivor being Mrs. Sveum. Mr. and Mrs. Sveum have had a large family of 13 children, born as follows: Edwin, March 3, 1890; Harry, Feb. 5, 1892, now farming on a homestead at Joslyn, Mont.; Hjelmer, born Sept. 7, 1893; Clara, Oct 17, 1895; Josephine, Aug. 29, 1897; Agnes, Aug. 22, 1899; Inga, Oct. 13, 1901; Gustav, March 13, 1904; Tina, Feb. 28, 1906; Lillian, Dec. 9, 1908; Blanchard, July 14, 1911; Evelyn, Dec. 8, 1913, and one unnamed, who was born July 20, 1900 and died the same day. All the living children except Hjelmar, Harry and Edwin reside at home. Mr. Sveum's residence stands on the Home farm, and is a good, neat and substantial house, the barns and outbuildings being also well constructed and in good condition. He keeps 90 head of cattle, milking 50, and is a stockholder in the creamery at York, the Pigeon Grain & Stock Company and the Whitehall Hospital. For three years he has served as school director. He and his family are members of the Norwegian Lutheran Church, of which he is a trustee.ftp://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/wi/trempealeau/biographies/sveumche.txt

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