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Guest Richard Arthur Norton

[#25360] Ole Mathias Pedersen (1822-1914) of Farsund

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Guest Richard Arthur Norton

Can anyone add more information for me? Ole Mathias Pedersen (1822-1914) aka Ole Matias Petersen; Baker of Farsund in Norway (b. November 14, 1822, Herad, Farsund, Vest-Agder, Norway - d. Summer 1914, Klungland, Vest-Agder, Norway) His name is pronounced 'o-lee'. Ole was born in 1822 to Peder Andreas Hansen (1790-1849) and Maren Sophia Olsdatter Gullestad (1791-1868) and he was baptised at Herad on November 17, 1822. Ole had the following siblings: Hans Pedersen (1814-1896); Anna Pedersdatter (1816-1831); Oleana Andrea Pedersdatter (1819-1912) who married Willum Larsen (c1820-1869) and had one of her children emigrate to the US; Helene Elisabeth Pedersdatter (1825-?); Peder Andreas Pedersen (1831-?); and Hans Elias Pedersen (1837-?). Ole married Tea Johanne Torstensdatter (1825-1864) and they had the following children: Peder (Peter) Matias Olsen (1851-?) aka Peter Matthew Olsen who married Serena Larsen (c1850-?) who had a daughter, Inga Pedersen (1885-1927), who emigrated to the USA and married Emil Schneider (c1885-1955); Teodor (Theodore) Johan Olsen (1852-?); Josette Teresia Olsdatter (1855-?) aka Joletta Olsdatter; Ottan Olsen (1858-1921) aka Otto Olson who emigrated to Chicago in Illinois and married Hannah Hansen (1864-1936) aka Hannah Admundsen and had 5 children; Lena Olson (1860-1938) aka Hannah Lina Olsdatter who emigrated to Chicago in Illinois and married Andrew Jensen (1860-1930) aka Andreas Jensen; and Salmine Sophia Severine Pedersen (1862-1914) aka Salmine Sopie Olsdatter who married John Edward Winblad (1856-1914) and emigrated to Manhattan in New York City and then moved to Jersey City, New Jersey and then moved to the Isle of Pines in Cuba and then died while visiting her family in Farsund in Norway. In the 1865 Norway Census, Ole is living at the bakery he works at on Kirkegaden Street and he has a servant: Ane Lisabet Abramsdatter. Ole and his daughter, Salmine, appear to be travelling outside Sweden on September 04, 1884 and Salmine is listed as 'Salmine Wemmeland' perhaps a phonetic interpretation of her married name 'Winblad'. In the 1900 Norway Census, Ole is living with his nephew, Bernt Andreas Hansen (1855-1915) on Klungeland farm in Herad parish, Vest-Agder, Norway. He died around 1914 and his children Salmine and Lena visited him when he was dying, or came to the funeral from America. On this trip both Salmine and her husband died and they are buried in Norway. No picture of Ole is known to exist and no living descendents have yet been found in Norway. Ole and his family are most likely buried in Herad parish in Farsund. Ole had a nephew via his sister Oleana: Jakob E. Willumsen (1853-1928) aka Jakob Villumsen who emigrated to Kittson County, Minnesota, USA and left several children in the US before he moved back to Norway and had more children with his second wife. Source: Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ), 2004

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