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Gjest Richard Arthur Norton

[#25428] Anne Maria Gabrielsen Lund (1819-1888) of Farsund, Norway and Chicago, USA

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Gjest Richard Arthur Norton

Anna Marie Kjarvaldsen (1819-1888) aka Anne Maria Gabrielsen Lund; Immigrant from Farsund, Norway to Chicago, Illinois, USA in 1882 (b. July 19, 1819, Farsund, Vest-Agder, Norway - d. August 29, 1888, 5:00 am, 25 Pleasant Place, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA) Anna was born in 1819 to Gabriel Gabrielson Lund and Anna Margretha Skaugaard. She was baptised on August 15, 1819, and she married Jens Jacob Hansen (1823-1864) on December 14, 1845 in Farsund, Norway. Together Jens and Anna had the following children: Hans Kristian Jensen (1844-?); Hans Gabriel Jensen (1846-?) born May 12, 1846 and baptised May 21, 1846; Anton Severin Jensen (1849-1906) b. December 19, 1849; Juliane Amalie Jensen (1852-?) b. November 20, 1852; Anne M. Jensen (1854-?); Johanne Katrine Jensen (1856-?) b. November 14, 1856; Katrine Jensen (1857-1946) b. December 1857, who married Steffen Barca (c1855-before1900); Jens Julius Jensen (1859-c1903) who married Anna Olsen (1860-?); Andrew Havig Jensen (1861-1930) aka Andreas Jensen who married Lena Elaine Olsen (1860-1938) aka Hannah Eline Olsdatter; Johan K. Jensen (1863-?); Marie Jensen (c1865-before1900) who married an Olsen (c1865-before1900); Henry Jensen; Kristina Jensen; and Tillie Jensen who may have married John X and had Pearl, Norman, Stella, and Alice. Other children may exist but have to be confirmed with a death certificate. The following is from an undated church biography: 'Jens Jacob Hansen, who passed away in Norway in 1864, an adherent of the Lutheran faith, was a talented violinist, the entire family with one exception being musicians ... Anna Marie (Kjarvaldsen) after her husband's death came to America in 1882 and passed away six years later, aged 63 years, having previously embraced the Methodist faith.' The family appears in the 1865 Norway Census living in Farsund on Vestregade Street in a house owned by Jens J. Hansen. Ann is a widow and living with the following children: Hans Kristian Jensen; Hans Gabriel Jensen; Anton S. Jensen; Juliane A. Jensen; Anne M. Jensen; Johanne K. Jensen; Jens J. Jensen; Andreas Jensen; and Johan K. Jensen. Anna died on August 29, 1888 at her home at 25 Pleasant Place in Chicago of 'exhaustion from carcinoma of uterus', she had been sick for three years. Her Illinois death certificate number is '4936'. She is buried at Mount Olive Cemetery in Chicago.

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