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Gjest Jeff Erickson

[#33214] Jonas Eriksen b. Sverige 1841 - in Larvik 1900

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Gjest Jeff Erickson

Hi, I am trying to trace a Jonas Eriksen born in Sweden (probably Rolanda) in 1841. He married Grete (Magrete) Sofie in Sweden and had at least 5 children Johan 1862 (Sweden) Maja (1871 Sweden), Karl Julius (1873 Sweden), Maja Kathrine(1871 Sweden), Mathilde (1878) and Mina (1882). It is believed that Jonas and his family migrated to Norway about November 1879. Are there any immigration records that would confirm who travelled from Sweden to Norway as part of the family. The youngest, Mina , was probably born in Norway. Jonas and part of his family were in Larvik at the time of the 1900 Census (persons 8458-8463).I have found a Karl Johansen at Stensnaes (Rore) Gardnr 20 in Borre in the 1900 census. He seems to be living with his wife's parents Anders Anderssen and Elisabeth Jacobsen and has a son Johan Conrad b. 06 Dec 1899. I am seeking the marriage record of Karl and his wife Wlise Anderssen to confirm that Jonas Eriksen (b 1841 Sverige) was his father. Does the Borre bydgebok show any details

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