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Gjest Richard Olsen

[#63416] 3 Norwegian boys of long ago

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Gjest Richard Olsen

Slight as it may be to find these (now) men I thought that I would post the info here anyways.Sometime between 1943 and 1958, a Norwegian ship entered the port in my hometown. On that ship were 3 homesick Norwegian boys no older than 14 years. They found a pay phone and began to look through the phonebook for Norwegian names. They came across my father's name. They dialed the number and told my father their situation. My father went to meet them and brought them back to his home. The 3 boys stayed with my family all of the time that the ship was docked at the port. The night before the ship was to leave, the 3 boys became sad because they did not want to leave my parents' home. So, my father told them that they could spend the night there and he would drive them to the next location where the ship would be docking.The 3 boys became close to my parents. They called my mother Mum. When the ship would dock at various ports, in various countries/locations, they boys purchased items to bring home to their mothers. The boys gave these items, or some of them, to my mother.My mother, be very motherly, immediately took to the boys. One of the first things she did was told them to bathe and then she prepared a meal for them. Of course, throughout the boys stay with my parents my mother made sure that they were well fed and took care of them as though they were her own children.These boys would now be men in their 60s or 70s. I do not know their hometown in Norway. I thought that I would post this in case there was a reader who recalled hearing an older relative/other tell of this experience. It would be nice to hear from or about these 3 individuals.

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