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Gjest Tybring Hemphill

[#64022] Dahl, Frimann and Arentz and related families of Kvinnherad

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Gjest Tybring Hemphill

Please excuse me writing in English, but my Norwegian is very basic and my spelling terrible. I hope that you speak English and will have a moment to try to answer a few questions for me. My mother was born in Norway and I spent two years living in Oslo as a young boy. I have become interested in family history recently and have traced many branches back. One such branch is connected to the Baroniet Rosendal. My Great (x6) grandfather was Mathias Nielsen Dahl (1694-1764) who was a manager of the Rosendal property in the first half of the 1700's. he married Marie Fuiren Frimann (1700-1778) who was born at Kvinnherad. Her family was connected to the area on both sides, Her father was a local priest Wilhelm Johansen Frimann (1666/8-1749) and his father Johan Clausen Frimann was also connected. Her mother was Maren Pedersdatter Arentz (1665-1728) apparently born at Malmanger Prestegard, Kvinnherad. I believe her father Peder Hnrichsen Arendz (1633-1710), grandfather Hans Taraldsen (ca.1605-1668) and great grandfather Paul Alstrup were all priests at Kvinnherad. This background is all to ask you whether you are aware of any portraits of these people that may be in existence. A book on Norwegian painted portraits suggests that, at least in the 1880s when the book was published, there was a portrait of Peder Arendz at Kvinnherad Church. I attach a link to that site. [url="http://da2.uib.no/cgi-win/WebBok.exe?slag=lesside&bokid=portrett&sideid=156&storleik=>Lenke The Nasjonalbiblioteket has a website that contains photos of members of the Frimann family who may be the ones I have mentioned. However, the details they provide are very slight. I attach links to those photos for your reference and wonder if you can confirm that they show Wilhelm Frimann and his mother Marie (or is it his daughter?) as mentioned above, or whether they are other members of the same family. I look forward to hearing back from you and receiving copies of any photos you may have of portraits of the people mentioned above. Thank you very much for your anticipated help. Sincerely, Tybring Hemphill Lenke

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