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[#79973] Andreas Isaksen Dahl Hatmaker Trondheim

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Gjest michael george everiss

I have now been made aware that Andreas & Laura had two other siblings -- Valborg 2/8/1897 & Anker Backer 5/4/1905 Also that Aslaug had a second name Lucie which is how my mother came to be named Lucie Augusta by her mother Signe Augusta. Aslaug is shown as visiting Trondeim in 1925 from the USA I now wonder if Olga Marie emmigrated (not mentioned in the 1900 census )Perhaps I should be looking there for descendants.Does anyone have experience in this type of investigation? What would be the most likely point of departure for someone living in Trondeim ? Where and how to look ? Heresay has it that Signe Augusta left for England to be a childrens governess and I wonder if this would have been arranged by a government body back in 1900.If so where to look Any comments would be most appreciated on the above aspects.

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