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Gjest Tybring Hemphill

[#81411] Portrait of Joachim vd Lippe owned in 1912 by Fru Fredrik vd Lippe of Os

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Gjest Tybring Hemphill

I am looking for help trying to locate the portrait of Joachim von der Lippe who died 1703 in Bergen. This portrait is recorded on two occasions in separate books1) in 1886 in Anker's 'Katalog over Malede Portraetter i Norge' it was owned by Fru Maartmann2) in 1912 in Schnitler's 'Bergenske malte Portraetter' it was owned by Fru von der Lippe, widow of architect and Stadskonduktor Conrad Fredrik von der Lippe of Os who died in 1901. Conrad and his wife had three children who lived to adulthood, Ingeborg, Johanne Marie Gerhardine, Jacob and Jens Andreas Holmboe von der Lippe born between 1860 and 1877. I have not been able to tracetheir descndants.The portrait was part of a show at the Norsk Folkemuseum in 1901.LenkeIt does not appear that they own the portrait, nor does the Bergen museum. I suspect that the portrait may still be in private ownership. I am trying to find the original portrait so that I can obtain a colour copy of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Tybring


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