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This is just a general Question, but I am wondering if there are other Records besides the Records that the Archives have Published? I did not know if there were other Tax, Census, etc. Records that you would have to get a Researcher that lives in the Area of Norway of Interest to look at. I live in Kentucky, USA and am generally Ignorant of other Possible Records available other than the many Records that I have used or have had Access to on this Archives Site and LDS. My Counties of Interest are Ostfold, Oppland, Nord and Sor Trondelag for the most part.


Thanks, Jeff

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So far 1-2 per cent of the records kept at National Archives have been made available on the Internet, so there are lots of other records available. But the records published are those most commonly used by researchers, such as censuses, parish registers, land estate registers, court registers and probate registers.


But there are other useful records: tax registers, military registers, records kept by the magistrates and all the different divisions of the realm.

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