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Tybring Hemphill

Hans Henrik Thaulow (1692-1757)

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Tybring Hemphill

I am looking for any help to identify the mother of Hans Henrik Thaulow. I am descended from Hans Henrik, through his daughter Alette who married Poul Arctander and then their daughter Anne Elisabeth Arctander who married Jacob Preus.


There seems to be a lot of confusion, for reasons unknown and that surprise me given the prominence of the family, as to who the mother is of Hans Henrik. You will see for example that one researcher suggests that Hans Henrik was the son of a second wife of Henrik Bertilsen Thaulow (1655-1717) named Maren Hammer.




Unfortunately, there are no marriage dates that I have seen for Henrik Bertilsen and no date of death for his first wife Anne Lund.


Another researcher says that the mother is Anne Lund




"Hans Henrik Arnold Thaulow, (sønn av Henrik Bertilsen Thaulow og Anna Christine Wibe Lund) f. 01.10.1692 i Moss, Østfold,1 yrke fogd i Moss, generalveimester, Justitsraad, Generalveimester i det sønnefjeldske Norge [fogd i Moss, Onsøy og Tune.], bosted 1722 i Drammen, Buskerud, d. 16.01.1757 i Moss, Østfold.1 Han giftet seg med Anne Cathrine Tyrholm, 21.01.1722 i Drammen, Buskerud,1 (datter av Niels Iversen Tyrholm og Anne Madsdatter Wiel), f. 30.06.1704 i Bragernes, Drammen, Buskerud, bosted 1722 - 1790 i Moss, Østfold, d. 01.06.1790 i Moss, Østfold, antall barn (fam) 10."


Even if the mother of Hans Henriksen is Anne Lund, there is some uncertainty about which Anne Lund - the daughter of Raphael Matsen Lund or of his brother Michael Matsen Wibe Lund. One tends to suspect that either Anne Raphaelsdatter Lund of Maren Hammer is the mother since the first known daughter of Henrik Bertilsen and sister of Hans Henrik is named Gidske, which happens to be the name of the mother of each of those two women, whereas the mother of Anne Wibe Lund is Margrethe. But then perhaps the name of their child was picked from some relative. Thinking along these same lines, I wonder where the name Arnold came from, which became so well used in the Thaulow family.



Therefore, potential wives of Henrik Bertilsen Thaulow (1655-1717) and mothers of Hans Henrik Thaulow (1692-1757):


1)Anne Raphaelsdatter Lund (1658/61-?1690/1704) daughter of Raphael Matsen Lund (1630-1717) and (m.1657) Gidsken Jorgensdatter Schielderup (?-1665) (also married in 1669 Sophia/Sara Jensdatter Randulff)


2)Anne Christine Wibe Lund (1675-1731) daughter of Michael Matsen Wibe Lund (1627-1690) and (m.1667) Margrethe Cathrine Reimer (1643-1683)


3)Maren Hansdatter Hammer (1670-1738) daughter of Hans Lauritsen Hammer and Gidsken Arentsdatter Smed (1640-1718)




Here is a good history of the Wibe family showing both brothers Raphael Lund and Michael Lund.




It shows an Anne Raphaelsdatter Lund getting married Sept 15, 1680 in Skogn Jens Olssøn (1643-1698) which would seem to rule her out as a wife and mother for our family. You can see why I am confused, but perhaps someone can clarify. I look forward to hearing from you.




Tybring Hemphill

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