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Beg Clonrode

Old newspapers archive?

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Torbjørn Igelkjøn

It seems like there are very little of old Norwegian newspapers available in digital form for free. I tried a search at the page Yngve referred to, and only came up with matches from "Norlands Avis", which is a regional newspaper from the area where the Nasjonalbiblioteket is located.


At the front page at www.nb.no, in the search field "Søk i digitalt innhold, nettsider og kataloger" (search in digital content, web pages and catalogs), there is a much more powerful search index, where you can search in books, newspapers and the other collections at the Nasjonalbiblioteket (=national library). It does not seem to be an English version of the search, but an example search of the surname Vindheim gives the following result: 1527 matches (everything), 1478 of them are digitized (available at computers in the Nationalbiblioteket?) and 148 are available on the net (most of them require a Norwegian ip-address due to copyright issues). If you use quotation marks, you can search exact phrases.


The content is categorized into different material types: Articles (8), newspapers (= aviser) (1089), books (426) or maps (= kart) (4). Other searces will also give more categories. If you check the Aviser checkbox, you will only get matches in newspapers (the regional newspaper "Adresseavisen" comes on the top), if you uncheck it you will once again get matches from all categories. As said before, not much of the material is available on the net, but it is a way to find out what exists, so you can ask people to do lookups, or borrow books or microfilms via interlibrary loan.


Some newspapers have subscription packages which allow people to search in scanned historical editions. The Oslo-based Aftenposten allows people to search and read newspapers from the year of 1860 up to this day. Search is free, but it costs 99 kr./month to be able to read the scanned documents, which is e.g. just below 20 USD/month. The search function does not work very well with old newspapers, this is probably the same with all OCR-scanned old documents. The search function does not cover adverts or death adverts (obituaries). The Nationalbiblioteket search described above also covers advertisements, and will sometimes give matches you don't find in Aftenposten's own search. Also the newspaper "Verdens Gang" has scanned its archive from 1945 to this day, and offer a similar service.

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Randi Hagen

You should also try www.buyandread.com

(a lot of local and national newspapers)


Good luck!

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Beg Clonrode

Thank you all very much for your advice.


Most appreciated


Beg :-)

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David Widerberg Howden

You could always try the archives of one of Norways most important newspapers: http://www.aftenposten.no/arkivet/


Here you will get a preview of the content.. and a small preview of the newspaper..


You can serach the date or just a word..


To see fullview you have to pay..

(99 a month or 45 for 24 hours)


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