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Breivoll 1800.

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Can someone please decipher the entries that concern Mikkel Hansen and Augustinius Hansen in the pages below I can't read the entries


Also what does N7 mean right hand column is it another mortgage book??









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Are S. Gustavsen



I've had a quick look at this and decided to submit a rough draft (underneath). Note that I have not attempted to crack the variety of abbreviations for the different entities in its full extent. Furthermore there is a need for you to cough up more accurate information on the source of these entries. What are the protocols you are giving the links to? The numbers to the right are definitely refrences to other protocols.


Let me know if this is at all legible for you, that is in the 1810-ish Danish influenced language it emerges from. If not, I'd be happy to give a quick introduction to some of the terms in use.


Best regards,








Auktionsskjøde til Hans Steffensen paa 2 [stz?] for 230 Rd 2 mercher [= ort], dateret og tingl. 6 Juni 1806. 2 – 173 Lev 6 og 4.


Skjøde fra Hans Steffensen til Baltzer Christiansen paa 1 stz 18 mercher for 179 Rd. 6 s., datert og tinglyst 6 Juni 1806…….. 2 173 ½ Lev 4 Not No 1


Skjøde fra Mikal Hansen, Augustinius Hansen, Hans Stephanusen, Hans Olsen F[onaa?] og Hans Olsen Bredvold til John Hansnes Bo paa til sammen 1 [#?] 4 4/5 Mercher for 32 Rd. dat og thingl. 29 September 1810 2 339

Skjøde fra Hans Olsen til Sønnen Augustinius Hansen paa 1 [lb?] 12 mercher for 40 Rd, dat og thingl. 29 September 1810 2 339 ½ N7


Skjøde fra Augustinis Hansen til Broderen Mikkel Hansen Ras[ck?] paa 18 mercher for 30 Rbd. N. V., datert og Thingl. 2 September 1814 2 418 ½ N7


Skifte efter John Hansen, hvorved 1 lb? 12 mercher er udlagt til Sønnen Hans Johnsen for 40 Rd. sluttet 22 Decb 1810 Thingl. 13 August 1816 N7

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Thankyou so much for this - I have been busy with other things - the page you mention is


http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:NBN:no-a1450-tl20080505640048.jpg the farm 7a/7b.


If you can give a quick intro to the terms you mention that would be great.


If you could assist with understanding any of the entries for 7a that would even better.


Best Regards,



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