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Gregg Westling

Trying to trace my Step-GGrand-Parents

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Gregg Westling

In America the family went by the surname Rye and in one of the links below John appears as John R. Rye. That was why I was searching for a Johan Rasmussen from a farm “Rye”. Most record of John/Johan agree on birth about 1856 and immigrant about 1882. His wife’s name is another problem. She appears as Oline/Olina/Lena/Lina. Some of their childrens Minnesota Death Records list her surname as Johnson which is probably Amerikanized. She was born in Norway about 1860/61 and seemed to have immigrated about 1881. It seems that most of the immigration records for NY from 1880-1900 were destroyed by a fire.

This is the John I am searching:





Here is one that shows his fathers name is listed as John Rye, I’m not convince as to the accuracy of the surname.



I’ve attached a copy of his Naturalization Paper where his name is shown as John Rasmussen.


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Hanne Line

Hi, your links is not working.

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