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Peter Bruun Spørck

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I'm trying to find relatives of Peter Bruun Spørck.


The 1865 Bergen Census refers:

Peter Bruun Spørck Born 1822 Sogndahl

Anna Emilia Spørck (fedt v. Vegesack)

Born 1828 Sverge Wisby (hans kone)

My Great Aunt, Grethe Fredrike Spørck appears in this Census.


Best regards,

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Ann-Mary Engum

Peter Brun,born 9 feb 1822.(no 32)

Permanent sidelenke: http://www.arkivverk...=ny&idx_side=-6

Permanent bildelenke: http://www.arkivverk...70515670401.jpg




Athalia,born sept 1815.Athalia died 19 sept 1815

Permanent sidelenke: http://www.arkivverk...ny&idx_side=-71

Permanent bildelenke: http://www.arkivverk...70515670286.jpg


Lovise Martille,28 aug 1819.

Permanent sidelenke: http://www.arkivverk...y&idx_side=-130

Permanent bildelenke: http://www.arkivverk...70515670345.jpg

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Ann-Mary Engum

Sweden Marriages, 1630-1920 for Anne S. Emilia V. Vegesack

Groom's Name: Petter Bruun Sporck Groom's Birth Date:

Groom's Birthplace:

Groom's Age:

Bride's Name: Anne S. Emilia V. Vegesack Bride's Birth Date:

Bride's Birthplace:

Bride's Age:

Marriage Date: 09 Jan 1856 Marriage Place: Visby, Gotland, Sweden




719, von Vegesack, Anna Susanna Gunilda Emilia, 1825-03-27, När (I). 720, von Vegesack




From Anbytarforum:


From the Elgenstierna books on the Swedish nobility:


The baronial family of von Vegesack (#379)


Emil Carlheim Cyrus, född 1831-09-12 på Hallgårds i Alskogs socken på

Gotland. Anställd i handelsflottan (in the merchant navy). Död i Australien.


This Emil is the only possibility, and his fate seems to be unknown in Sweden, just that he died in Australia. He was one of many children to the baron Eberhard Ferdinand Emil von Vegesack (1794-1855) and his wife Ulrika Christina Sofia Lythberg (1799- ).


Emil's older brother, Ernst, (1820-1903) fought in the American Civil War and finaly was made a Brigadier General (brigadgeneral), and then came home and had a good military career in the Swedish army as well, and became colonel of the Hälsinge Regiment, Member of Parliament etc.


Another brother, Johan Gustaf Braf Eugen (b. 1829), fought in the Danish army in 1849 against the German army, and later immigrated to South America.


A sister, Anna Susanna Gunilla Emilia, (1825-1904) immigrated after her husband's death to the U.S. and became a doctor of medicine in 1873 in Michigan. Her husband was Peter Bruno Spörck (d. 1869) a sea captain.


Seems to have been an adventurous family!


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Hi Ann-Mary,


Many thanks, my ancestors certainly seem to have had their share of adventure!


I do wish that I had your search expertise!


Kind regards,



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