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My name is Sonja and I am working on my family tree. I am stuck right now on my great-great grandfather and his parents, who I was told were all born in Norway.


Can you help me? Or point me in the right direction.


My great great grandfather-Simon Julius Astrand - born in 1876 - his parents are: Johan Julius Astrand and Karolina Andersdotter Gren


There surnames have changed in the US it was Ostrand but I found an immigration record that listed the last name as Aastrand.


Anyway, any help or information would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,

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Torbjørn Igelkjøn

Simon's emigration from Norway in 1912: Link. According to this list he was born in Gunnarskog in Värmland, Sweden.


From ellisisland.org: post-77-0-09774900-1332805308_thumb.gif post-77-0-96562800-1332805352_thumb.gif (look at line #11). According to this, he was from Kron(o)bergs län, Sweden. His closest relative is his father, Janne Aastrand, who lives in Nyneshavn(?), Stockholm, Sweden.


This must be his family in 1900. They are living in Bærum, which is close to Oslo. His father is from Ekeberga, and his mother is from Hovmantorp. Both places are in Kronobergs län in Sweden. It seems like the family's occupation has to do with glass blowing, and the Swedish Wikipedia article about Hovmantorp mentions the importance of this industry in the area.


In the Swedish "Anbytarforum", I found this. I have tried to make a translation:


(...) Anita Åstrand: Hello, is there anyone who has researched the family of Åstrand with forfather Johan Julius born in 1849 in Ekeberga married to Andersdotter-Gren Karolina


Thanks in advance! Sincerely, Anita


Berne Karlsson: Hello Anita !


In the Hembygdsarkiv (hometown archive) of Ekeberga, there is a lot about the family of Åstrand. The documents are collected by Nils-Erik Hammerby.


Please contact me at phonenumber 0478-50215 or berne.kosta@telia.com for further research.



Berne Karlsson (...)


I would try to contact one of these, since it looks like they have some information about the family. There is a link to Anita's email address at the page I linked to.


I am not writing in English too frequently, and I apologize if my English is bad.


Best regards,

Torbjørn Igelkjøn

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