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Files bigger than 500K.


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Do you think of one picture (I do not think so) ?

Do you think of scanning it ?

Then you possibly can choose required density. High denisity gives high KB, or correct for you let's say 3MB

(3000 KB)

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From what I understand the limit for a single photo in a post is 500K. But like Helge says; certain image formats may encourage a smaller size. Depending on the software you use (I use Photoshop) you may be allowed to specify the jpeg compression level (if you save using the jpeg format of course). Unfortunately a higher compression level may result in a lower overall quality, but at least it allows you to increase the image resolution and still make it fit within the 500K limit. It is also possible to upload the highest quality image allowed on the board and then include a note whenever that image is attached to a post that a higher resolution version is available upon request. If you upload a lot of photographs to the forum this may be desireable anyway, because in addition to having a 500K single post upload limit; there is also a global 25MB upload limit for all registered users. Personally I think this limit is ridiculously low, but with that in mind you can see how uploading several large high quality high resolution images can quickly eat up that storage.

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I just examined randomly one of my photos.

It is 2.95 MB and can easily been blown up to A4 size.

What is 500 KB limit then ?

(Pickture sent from Davis, CA)

Helge H.

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The 500K limitation seem to be applicable when composing a new post. If you go to the advanced editor (button marked "Bruk full editor") you will see the following message: "Du har brukt 0bytes av din 500K totale opplastingskvote (Maks størrelse for enkeltfil:500K)". I assume you speak Norwegian but out of courtesy to those reading this post who may not, this means something like "You have used 0bytes of your 500K total upload quota (max size of any one file: 500K)".


However, if you go to your control panel you can see your total global quota, which in my case is 24.9 MB. I assume this limit is the same for every registered used on the forum. Because of this global quota we can see how allowing the upload of higher resolution photographs may eat up this quota rather quickly.


As as side note I see that this post was moved from "Brukernes eget forum" to "Tekniske tilbakemeldinger". Because of this I just want to add a little disclaimer that I am in no way associated with Arkivverket or the forum moderators. The above assessment is based solely upon my own experiences.

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