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Tybring Hemphill

Loitenant Emanuel Junge Charisius-Trondhj Nasj Inf Reg 1710-1727

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Tybring Hemphill

I am looking for any help that anyone can give to learn more about Loitenant Emanuel Junge Charisius. He was born about 1690 likely near Varpelev in Sjaelland, Denmark, where his father was a minister. He was first a sergeant in the Ost-Sjaellandske Inf Reg. According to Ovenstad, he became a sergeant in the 2 Trondhj Nasj Inf Reg beginning on October 2, 1710. He became Sekondloitenant on December 22, 1711 and premierloitenant September 11, 1717 in the same regiment. From 1721 to 1725 he was at Gagnatske Komp. and then 1726-1727 at Eritsfjord Komp.


I have found him in the churchbook of Tingvoll, Møre and Romsdal during the period 1721-1725 as suggested by Ovenstad. His daughter Esperance Tollerance Charisius was born there in Oct. 1723. He had two or three children who were born before that. The eldest Peter/Peder Georg Charisius was, based on funeral records, born Feb. 12, 1716. However, I have been unable to find any record of that birth. Anne Christine Charisius and/or Hans Henrik Charisius may also have been born before 1721when the family moved to Tingvoll. I would presume that all of these children born somewhere in the vicinity of Trondhjem, but have no idea how widely the 2 Trondhj Nasj Inf Reg was dispersed. Does anyone have any suggestions? What are the sources for military records in Norway?


I should add that he was married to Mette Dorothea Flug, who, according to burial records, was born about 1700. I have also been unable to locate any record of the marriage of these two. Her ancestry is uncertain, but perhaps she was the daughter of Fredrik Flyg who was also a military man. Thank you for any help you maybe able to provide


Tybring Hemphill

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Finn Karlsen



The State Archive in Trondheim does have an archive that has belonged to the 2. regiment, but it mostly covers the last quarter of 1700 and the 1800.



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