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Christen Rasmussen and Alis Simonsdtr Ringsaker & Lom

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I am looking for more information on Christen Rasmussen, my ancestor who died 26 Jun 1825 in Halseth, Veldre, Ringsaker, Hedmark. He was married twice, first to Marie Larsdtr Fugelseng on 02 Apr 1793 and second to my ancestor Alis Simonsdtr Halseth Høyby on 04 Apr 1814.


I saw a previous posting on Christen on this site, here is the subject line from that:

[#47314] Christen Rasmussen f 1765 i Lom


This is the same Christen that is my ancestor. Now following what I could of that thread it appears that my ancestor may be the Christen Rasmussen Stensgård who was born 02 Apr 1769 in Stensgård, Lom, Oppland and if this is the case his parents would be Rasmus Pedersen Skrinde? and Ingeborg Christensdtr Grevelstad? perhaps?


I went to the NAGC (Norwegian American Genealogy Center) on Friday to look at the 4 Bygdeboks for Lom, and even some books on Sjak (sp?) and although I did find the entry in book 3 on page 308 ... it didn't seem to give me enough information to prove that is the right Christen? For instance it says he left in 1805 for Hedmark, but yet my ancestor was already marrying in 1793 in Hedmark?!


I'm wondering if anyone has done any further research or proving out on this family?


Furthermore I'm also stymied on my ancestor Alis Simonsdtr, his 2nd wife. The only child I found from this union was an Ahles born 23 Feb 1820 on Halseth, and considering Christen's other kids, I figure this may be named after Alis's mother ... perhaps 3 generations of Alis's? However I have been unable to locate her. Here is what my research has yielded so far on her:



Researched for Ales' birth in Ringsaker and couldn't find it from 1775 - 1787. Here is what I did find:

Relevant Simens:

Simen Larsen Lunna and Marte Olsdtr


Gonnor bapt 5-14-1775 (girl- Bruvold?)

Kari bapt. 6-14-1778 (Lunna)

Elsebeth bapt. 4-29-1781 (Lunna)

Lisbeth bapt 5-16-1785 (Borthe)

Simen Larsen Nordbye and Kari Matthsdtr


Berthe bapt. 1-9-1780 (born about 11-21-1779)

Simen Michelsen Mitholo and Anne Erichsdtr


Michel bapt. 11-14-1784

... with Anne Olsdtr

Michel bapt. 1-28-1787

Other Ideas

Berthe Pedersdtr Scharlochen out of wedlock Ales (however she may be the child of Christian Michelsen which doesn't match Simen?) born about 5-19-1777 (this would match with what her marriage says and what her death record says)"




In Family Search there is an Ales Simonsdotter born July 15, 1781 to

Father's Name: Simen Andersen

Mother's Name: Sidsel Knudsdr

in Hedmark, but it doesn't say where. I didn't find the marriage in Nes nor in Ringsaker."


I would really love to know more about Alis and Christen if there is anyone else out who has information on this family or has even done research on this family ... please contact me at:

Kevin Strattan





Kevin Strattan

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