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Carla J Tweeton

Translation, please

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Carla J Tweeton

Would anyone be so kind as to translate from www.vossnow.net? I would like the information from the plaque :


left column under Menu for the day Juni 16 2013 entitled


Vinje Gamle Kyrkjegard (plakat med informasjon)


Thank you

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Kyrre Martin Sveen

Here's my quick effort.

It could probably be worded better, but I'm a bit rusty.

Hope you find it useful.



Vinje Old Churchyard

Cemetery for 700 years for Vinje parish until 1871.

Sold at auction in 1872. Re-purchased for the municipality as a backup churchyard in 1889.

Now owned by: Voss municipality

The inventory of the church was sold at auction in 1872.

Here are details from a privately owned alter table.


Glass painting of St. Jakob, patron saint of pilgrims, is now in Bergen museum.

The church was probably devoted to St.Jakob.

There is also a mountain cave called Jakobs-church up in Helgaberget, 800 meters above sea level.


In Nordiska Museet in Stockholm the sculptur "Djevelen frå Vossestrand" (The devil from Vossestrand) from before year 1200.

It was located on the old stave church.


The lumber from the church was in 1872 used for a new municipality building near the new chuch at Vinje.

In 1984 the municipality decided that the old house was to be removed.

Sports club Ørnar got the assignment to cut it up for fire wood, but locals came and took the "wood" for keeps, storing it in barns and outhouses.

See pictures on the right:


Thoughts about the old church on: Facebook group: Vinje gamle kyrkje

Plaque made by Ivar Husdal at the Malina farm.

Read more about the tale of the old church at www.vossestrand.no


Caption lower picture:

"Vinje Annex church to Voss 1826"

Water colour painting by M.W.Eckhoff, travelling with J.C.Dahl towards Stalheim.


On the right:

Swedish tourist in 1872 tells:

Close to Vinje there is a peculiar two hundred years old wooden church. The ceiling is arched and decorated with stars, and the walls are painted multi-coloured.

An iron- and a wooden cross are the only valuables in the church yard. Services are no longer held in this tempel.


The builder:

The starry ceiling:

The walls in multi-colour:

The church lumber:

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Carla J Tweeton



Thank you for your very complete translation and the website you directed me to. About 1800, Corporal

Aslak Sjursen Flateqval brought his family from Voss to Kongsberg and a dtr. married into my family. I see your location is not far away in Nedre Eiker. This family then attended Hedenstad and Eftelot churches in



Carla Tweeton (they came from Veggli - Rollag!)

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Kyrre Martin Sveen

I actually work in Kongsberg, so I go there pretty often :-)

Haven't found many ancestors from there yet, though.

There are lots from Eiker, but not many have crossed that border.

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Carla J Tweeton

I did research a few years ago for someone in Kongsberg. The Numedalslag from America has visited Kongsberg church - this year's trip was cancelled for now. The lady who is related and helped me immensely with family wrote a book entitled SETERDRIFT i Sandsvær. There is a picture of the Bustul place (.GG Grandparent's home) and a neat story ---Kong Oskar den 1. på Bustul.


Thanks again

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