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Margaret Miller

Who was Karen Marie Arneson "Wellir"?

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Margaret Miller

My friend is looking for some help. I have found the male, but the wife is a bit tricky. Any ideas? Here is her letter:


Karen Marie Arneson Nelson is my great grandmother and we are searching for her roots back to Norway. We believe that she might have been born between September and October of 1844, perhaps 10/2/44, baptized on October 6, 1844 and emigrated in 1872. She married Nicholai T. Nelsen as Karen Marie Wellir on May 24, 1876. We are not sure why she went by the name Wellir. The Pastor recorded the marriage two years after the fact and they were married in Dakota Territory before South Dakota became a state.


Nicholi was born on 11/11/1845, emigrated in 1869 from Torpa, Norway where he had lived on the Braanen farm which is a small farm attached to the Kinn farm.. His mother was Johanna Nilsdttr Lundeei and father was Torsten Olsen. Nicholi first registered for citizenship in WI and was naturalized on 9/2/1879 at Elk Point, SD. After their marriage, they first lived in Union County and then Pleasant Township near Beresford, SD. They belonged to Romsdal Church where they are buried. She passed away on February 17, 1935 in Canton, SD and he passed away on 2/21/1906. We believe that she might be from Oppland as she was very supportive of Landingslag.


My grandfather's baptismal certificate lists his mom's name as Karen Marie Arnesen. His name was John Adolph Nelson and DOB was 5/3/1877. John and Dorthea Johnson along with Thorvine Torgeson were listed as sponsors. Most of the obituaries of family members, backs of pictures all list her as having the maiden name Arnesen.


Thank you for any help that you can be.



Marcia Nelson

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