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Åsbjørg Susort

Fra Sveio eller Skåre til Nebraska. ca 1860 - 1900

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Åsbjørg Susort

Denne er også postet på Slektsforum



Min tippoldefars yngste søster, Berthe Tholene Knudsdatter, fra Lille-Hagland Skåre, flyttet til Nebraska mellom 1900 og 1902. Hun var gift med Jacob Matthias Olsen fra Strømsvold, Sveio.

Hordaland fylke, Sveio i Sveio, Ministerialbok nr. B 2 (1883-1894), Vigde 1888, side 135



5 barn fødd på Straumsvoll. 2 dør unge, bor i Haugesund ved tellingen 1900:



Har funnet slektstre på ancestry og er i kontakt med eier.

Clevenger-Stephens Family Tree



Fra epost:

Going to Nebraska was odd. I looked at censuses around the location they stayed in Nebraska, and there wasn’t a colony of Norwegians there. I wonder if someone from Jakob’s family led them to Nebraska. We definitely know that the Jakob and Berthe lived in Nebraska because their youngest daughter was born in that state. I do have one clue. In an old photo album, some photos from Nebraska were found. I sent the photos of an expert in Nebraska who dated the photos as from the 1860-1880s. I’ll attach them here. I do not know who these people are, but they were in the family photo album and the photos were taken in the late 1880s in Nebraska. Bertha and Jakob knew them somehow.

Jacob was a sailor but the story goes that Berthe complained to his captain and asked that Jakob not sail anymore. Somebody told me Jakob died in a logging accident (cutting trees) but I don’t know where I heard that. My beloved grandmother died and my dad wasn’t very interested in family history so I’m trying to pull it together. I can’t find Berthe and Jakob’s immigration paperwork, or the ship they came over on. I don’t know what port they came in or how in they got to Nebraska.






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Ann-Mary Engum
Åsbjørg Susort


Der var jo heile familien!


Til en eller annen i Thomas i Nebraska...

Betalt av en tante...

Må ein tur på biblioteket og låne bygdebok for Sveio i morgen... :-)

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Åsbjørg Susort

Legger inn melding fra Amerika og mitt svar. Takk Ann-Mary!



How exciting!


I’ve tried looking the Olsen family up on the Ellis Island website but I used Olson and Olsen, not Olssen.

Is that where she found the manifest?


Love this document!


Manifest dated 12 April 1901, last residence Stavanger, landing in New York.


Their final destination was xxxxnd, Thomas County, Nebr (Nebraska).

Passage was paid by an Aunt.

They had $10.

No to in the US before.

Whether going to join a relative and if so, what relative, their name and address, the form says “Aunt XXX (Mrs?) XXiva Xesxa”

The name is very difficult to make out.

The address in mis-written but I suspect it was Brownlee (not Browley), Cherry Co (not Cerry Co), Nebraska.

Jacob and Bertha’s youngest daughter was born in Brownlee, Cherry Co, Nebraska.



Now there is an Aunt to be found.

Jacob had a lot of half siblings and Bertha had a good number of siblings too.


I would love to know how this document was found.

Thank you so much for passing it on.

I will write again this weekend.


Og mitt svar:

Ann-Mary Engum finds it - if there is a record she'll find it.... Have no ideas how.

I tried mostly Boston. I have a list of everybody born in Norway living in Cherry county at the 1900-census. Still

can't find the aunt. Have to borrow book about families from Sveio from library tomorrow ...



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Ann-Mary Engum

Artig med en sånn respons!Tusen takk!Det var moro å lese. :D



Beste hilsen Ann-Mary

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