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Tybring Hemphill

Rasmus Cleme(n)tsen Samsing (1641-1703) av Risør - Consumptionsforpagter

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Tybring Hemphill

I am trying to identify the parents of Rasmus Cleme(n)tsen Samsing (1641-1703) of Risør - Consumptionsforpagter. He was married to Margrethe Nilsdatter. His daughter Margrethe Rasmusdater Samsing (1682-1734) married Isaach Gjertsen Falch (1662-1723). I have been unable to find any earlier person in Norway with the name Samsing before Rasmus. I wonder, therefore, whether he may have come directly from Denmark. I have seen it suggested that the surname Samsing derives from the Danish island Samsø. There is a man who might be related that was a minister in Denmark:


Oluf Rasmussen Samsing, f. 1597, d. 1659. Sognepræst til Åle og Tørring kirker. Hustru Maren Steffensdatter, f. 1609, d. 1676. Haderslev stift. 1640-49 There is a fine Epitaph of him in Aale church.


There could be many with the last name Samsing, but the coincidence of the name Rasmus may be some indication of a connection. It appears from Wiberg that Oluf was married in 1628, so he cannot be a grandfather and certainly not a father given his first name. There is also a Rasmus Rasmussen Samsing who was also a priest at the same time. This makes me wonder if these two were brothers and perhaps there was a third named Clemet Rasmussen Samsing who might be father to my Rasmus Clemetsen Samsing. However, I have found no record of such a person. If anyone has any suggestions I would be grateful. Thank you.

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Rasmus Clemmensen was one of the four sons of Clemmen Rasmussen and Margrethe Clemmensdatter from Maarup (farm) Nordby (village), Samsø island, Denmark. There is unfortunately no known records (from Holbæk Amt) of Clemmen and Margrethe except as parents to a daughter and four sons.


Rasmus and his brother Ole Clemmensen emmigrated to Risør, Norway. Both died there.

The youngest brother Clemmen Clemmensen emmigratet to Larvik, Norway, and died there.

The oldest brother, Søren Clemmensen stayed in Samsø (no, that didn't save him, he died too ;-)


You probably know that at the time patronyme was commonly used as surname. Samsing was not a surname for this family while they were living in Denmark. After moving to Norway it rather denoted the place of birth/origin in the Church Parish Registers and other official papers as a practical extension to patronyme. At a later time it was taken and used as a properly registered family-name.


Oluf Rasmussen Samsing is unlikely to be related. Both Rasmus and Clemmen was very common names.


(Åffår ska'rre værra engelsk?)

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Tybring Hemphill

Tusen takk for din svar. I did not really expect to find an answer to my question, but am always surprised at the amount of information preserved still. Yes, I assumed that the name Samsing derived fromthe place where the family lived. It is interesting that three of four sons left the island of Samsoe. Perhaps there was not much land to farm. Thank you again for the help

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