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Margaret Miller

Your newer census program

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Margaret Miller

PLEASE do not ever take away the older version of the censuses. My main concern is searching for people. With the old system, I can go into any parish and ask it to SHOW ME ALL spellings for fornavn, etternavn og gaard. Can you do that with the new system?


Go to 1900 and ask for all spellings of Mathias (M). Then I can pull up Matbias, Matehus, Mahteus, Mothas, Mitjos, Mettias og Mætæus.


I am writing the slektshistorie for both Sømna and Brønnøy in Nordland, and it is so it is very important to be able to see spellings, then click on those I want. Some spellings of names you would never guess to look for!


Can you look in the new system for all farms in one parish?


Please respond.


Hilsen, Margaret Miller

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Anette S. Clausen

I am sorry, but the old search site is shutting down at the end of December.


We are aware that some of the functionality in the old search site will be missed. Some of the functionality will be implemented, but some, like the one you described, will be difficult because of the massive data. In the new search site we have succeeded with merging all data into one database, so that you can search through all the data in one search. On the old site, the data was divided into separate files so that the search engine had fewer records to look through for each search. This made it possible to have search criterias like "show all". With more than 20 million records in the new site, we cannot run a query with given name starts with m and show all relevant values. A query like that would take most of the capacity of the server. We will look into the problem and see if and how a similar search can be run on a selected dataset. But this is part of the functionality we must postpone to next year.


Since we have these shortcomings on our new site, you are of course welcome to order dataset of the censuses you are working with. Send an e-mail to digitalarkivet@arkivverket.no with spesification on which census year and which areas.


If you want to see what farms that are available in a census-list, you can click on the id of the "tellingskrets" (Census district) at the bottom of the page http://digitalarkivet.arkivverket.no/en-gb/ft/bosted_land/bf01037269000464 Then you the all available farms for that district in that particular census. Was that what you were looking for?

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Margaret Miller

I went to a familiar area and clicked on the "tellingskrets". Many farms came up, but not all int he parish.


Other things which I liked with the old system:

1. You could ask for a husband like Ole Pedersen and then a wife who would follow him. That was a help to find people.


2. You could give an age and choose a range of 1, 2, 5 years etc.


I will try to find out about ordering a dataset of censuses.

Thanks for a quick answer.



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