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Chris Nilsen

Parish register copy different to parish register official

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Chris Nilsen

I am hoping someone can tell me why the copy of the parish register for Lier is different to the official register.


I find my ancestor, Andreas Nilsen, married Marie Nilsen on 22nd April 1889 at Frogner, Lier, Buskerud.




But the date of 22nd April seems to be crossed out.


When I look in the official parish register for the same period, my ancestors do not appear, and there is no marriage for them on the 22nd April.




Can someone please help me and tell me why this is?

Any ideas what has happened here?

Were they married at Frogner on 22nd April or not?


Thank you very much.



Adelaide, Australia.

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Inger Karin Haarbye

Your links are not working for me, but I think this is the page in "klokkerbok":



Kildeinformasjon: Buskerud fylke, Frogner i Lier, Klokkerbok nr. II 1 (1874-1898), Ekteviede 1889, side 358-359.

Permanent sidelenke: http://www.arkivverk...y&idx_side=-123

Permanent bildelenke: http://www.arkivverk...71023620123.jpg




Kildeinformasjon: Buskerud fylke, Frogner i Lier, Ministerialbok nr. 15 (1883-1894), Ekteviede 1889, side 296.

Permanent sidelenke: http://www.arkivverk...y&idx_side=-290

Permanent bildelenke: http://www.arkivverk...60531040022.jpg


I can't answer your question...

Edited by Inger Karin Haarbye

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Ivar S. Ertesvåg

I do not know the answer.....


but I make a few observations:

- there are several couples written in the "klokkarbok" but not in the parish registry. For most (all?) of these, no date is noted.

- the sequence (of those found both places) is not the same.


This may indicate that the couples were noted in the "klokkarbok" when they registered for marriage.

Then, when the ceremony was scheduled, the date was added and when conducted, the couple was registered in the parish registry.


Hence, a possibility is that a date for this couple had been assigned, and then cancelled.The marriage might, for some reason, be completely cancelled. Alternatively it could have been moved to another parish at a later time.

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Chris Nilsen

OK, that makes sense.

So I guess I can search in the surrounding parishes.

I know Andreas was baptised in Strømmen, as was their first two children.

Dina Marie was baptised in Sande, but their records have been transcribed and I didn't find them there.

Their 'bosted' in the klokkarbok was Bragernes and Drammen, so I guess I should search all parishes in Drammen (Bragernes, Tangen, Strømsø, Strømsgodset & Åssiden) as well as Skoger I guess.

Is there anywhere else I should search?



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