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Suggestion for census search results -- include county name

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One change between the old search and the new one is that the name of the county is not explicitly listed on any of the results.  I know there is a correspondence with the numbers, 10 for Vest-Agder, etc, but I don't have them memorized.  Not a big change, but would help my confidence level that I've found the right records.



 -- ddj
Dave Johnson

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Anette S. Clausen

Thank you for your suggestion. We have thought of that as well. There are a lot of similar place names in Norway and a county name would clarify the whereabouts for the place immeditately. Reading the muncipality numbers is a very useful skill, but very few know these numbers even in Norway and when we have such a large amount of users from USA and other places abroad, it is important that the information is explicit. 


A useful tip to help you remember the correspondence between the counties and the municipality numbers:

1-8: east of Norway starting in Østfold, Oslo is 3

9-20: the coast of Norway starting in Aust-Agder and following the coast all the way up to Finnmark. The higher the number, the further north in Norway you are. Bergen is 13 (but is today part of Hordaland 12)


Fun fact: A municipality number with the last two digits below 10 is a town, 0301 Oslo, 1301 Bergen, 1601 Trondheim, 0602 Drammen


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