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Patricia Carlsen Mikkelsen

Edvard Rasmussen & Martha Jacobsdatter from Stavanger

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Patricia Carlsen Mikkelsen

I have posted about this before, but I thought I would try again.  I am looking for any clues to the ancestors of my 4th g-grandparents, Edvard Rasmussen & Martha Jacobsdatter from Stavanger, and also the records of their death.  


Martha is Edvard's third wife.  


1st marriage to Maren Endresdtr (1751-1787):  he had 5 children with Maren

Permanent sidelenke: http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?idx_kildeid=15874&idx_id=15874&uid=ny&idx_side=-121


2nd marriage to Anna Samuelsdtr (1760-1790): I found no children from this marriage

Permanent sidelenke: http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?idx_kildeid=15876&idx_id=15876&uid=ny&idx_side=-36


3rd marriage to Martha Jacobsdatter (f. ca 1751 - d?:  I believe there is only 1 child from this marriage.

Permanent sidelenke: http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?idx_kildeid=15876&idx_id=15876&uid=ny&idx_side=-52

Permanent sidelenke: http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?idx_kildeid=15876&idx_id=15876&uid=ny&idx_side=-53


I am relatively sure that Edward was the son of Rasmus Gulleiksen:

Permanent sidelenke: http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?idx_kildeid=6324&idx_id=6324&uid=ny&idx_side=-161


I believe he died sometime between 1792-1801.  Here is the widow Marthe in 1801:



Maren "Andersdtr" is my 3rd g-grandmother, Maren Margrethe Edvardsdtr.  Rasmus Evertsen is Edvard's son from his marriage to Maren Endresdtr.


Here is the death of Edvard's father, Rasmus Gulleiksen.

Permanent sidelenke: http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?idx_kildeid=15877&idx_id=15877&uid=ny&idx_side=-56


I have searched the Stavanger kirkebøker for the death of Edvard (between 1792-1801) and for Martha (after 1801), but found nothing.  Also, I have no clues to the ancestry of Martha Jacobsdatter.  The LDS site has a record of Marte Jacobsdtr dpt 6 Dec 1750 in Håland (d/o Jacob Sanne), but I have no way to verify if this is the right person.


I would appreciate any help with this family.


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Grethe Flood

Here is the probate record from 1 November 1796 for Edvard Rasmussen - it mentions his widow Marthe Jacobsdatter. 


Rogaland fylke, Stavanger by, Skifteprotokoll BB 8A , 1793-1810, oppb: Statsarkivet i Stavanger.

Permanent sidelenke: http://arkivverket.no/URN:sk_read/25631/161/

Permanent bildelenke: http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:NBN:no-a1450-sk20090306610737.jpg

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Patricia Carlsen Mikkelsen

Thank you, Grethe!


It looks like Edvard probably died sometime in October 1796.  That is very helpful!  I will take another look at the kirkebok for this time.


Still, regarding Marthe, I see that she is mentioned several times.  But I can't tell if her date of death is mentioned.  All I know is that she was still living in 1801.  Can you help me with this text?


One more question... about Edvard's children.  I notice that most of the time, they are referred to Evertsen/Ewertsen, instead of Edvardsen. Even in the text of this probate record, he is called Edwarth Rasmussen but his son is Endre Everthsen.  In the baptism record for my 3rd g-grandmother (Maren Margrethe), her father is very clearly Edvard.  So, why wouldn't she be Edvardsdatter?


Thanks again



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