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Arne Mikal Mikkelsen

Help with translation Baptism Record 1842 Oslo

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Arne Mikal Mikkelsen

My Oldefar Herman Marcus Julius Halvorsen was born in Oslo [Christiania] on the 27 Okt 1842. He was baptized in the Oslo Domkirke on 13 Nov 1842.  He was the son of unmarried Halvor Michelsen Abelsted and Elen Pedersdatter Wang.


Permanent sidelenke: http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?idx_kildeid=654&idx_id=654&uid=ny&idx_side=-187


I need an actual translation of all the words in his baptism records to try to find information about his parents:


I cannot make out the words after Elen's name.  Also it says paa(på) Hammersborg. Who was from Hammersborg, Elen or Halvor?  Who were the witnesses and where were they from?  Also what does it say in the last two columns.


I have run into an end of the line with Halvor & Elen. Wang & Abelsted are two respected families in the Oslo area. I have been looking through the Abelsted family tree information with no luck in finding Halvor.


Tusen Takk


Arne Mikal Mikkelsen.

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Torodd Kinn


Elen Pedersdatter Wang Tjenestepige [servant girl] og Bogtrykkersvend [book printer apprentice] Halvor Michelsen Abelsted paa Hammersborg


-- It could be only Halvor living at Hammersborg or both he and Elen.


Skræddermester A. Knudsen med Kone [(master) tailor ... and his wife], Tjenestepige [servant girl] Karen Olsdatter og Skomagersvend [shoemaker apprentice] A. Berg.

The next column says: "Ei heller" [not either], i.e. not christened at home.

The last column says: "af Moderen personlig", (information provided) by the mother in person.

Edited by Torodd Kinn

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Arne Mikal Mikkelsen

Tusen takk Torodd,


Right now my family line for this branch stops with Halvor & Elen.


Again Tusn takk


Arne :D

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