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Patricia Carlsen Mikkelsen

Hans Knudsen Hov & Marte Malene Davidsdatter

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Patricia Carlsen Mikkelsen

I hope someone can help me to untangle the facts concerning this couple.  Hans Knudsen Hov married Ane Hansdatter Hov in 1779.  I have found the birth of 8 children from this marriage, between 1779-1792.  Ane died in 1795.  Sometime after that, Hans married Marte Malene Davidsdatter.  The first child I find from this marriage is Ole Walnum Hansen (dpt Nov 1797).  I have searched the kirkebok for Hadsel from 1795-1797, but I can not find any record of their marriage.  In 1801, Hans and Marte are living at Hov.  Marte is 30.


I am relatively sure that Hans second wife is Marte Malene Davidsdatter Melbo, dpt 11 Jun 1769:

Permanent sidelenke: http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?idx_kildeid=16709&idx_id=16709&uid=ny&idx_side=-37


This all fits neatly, except for one fact -- Marte Davidsdatter (no farm) married Peder Mathiusen Fiskebøl in July 1794, see here (bottom of 3rd column):

Permanent sidelenke: http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?idx_kildeid=16709&idx_id=16709&uid=ny&idx_side=-103


I thought Peder must have died before Marthe married Hans Knudsen, but in 1801 at Fiskebøl, Peder is alive and married to Malene Olsdatter.  And if you look at Hov in 1801, Hans and Marthe have a fostersøn, Jens Pedersen, age 3.  He would appear to be Marte's son from her marriage to Peder Mathiusen.  Did they divorce?


Hans Knudsen died 23 April 1810 at Hov.  Here is his probate (mentions sons Jens & Anders, daughter Ane Elisabeth, and widow Marte Malene):

Permanent sidelenke: http://arkivverket.no/URN:sk_read/25008/162/


Marte Malene died 23 Jun 1836 at Indbjør.  Here is her probate (although I don't see that it lists anything other than her death: 

Permanent sidelenke: http://arkivverket.no/URN:sk_read/25010/571/


So, I guess my main questions are --

Where is the marriage of Hans to Marte Malene?

Is the Marte Malene who married Hans the same Marte Malene who married Peder Mathiusen?



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