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Carla J Tweeton

Did Anders Julius Hansen continue to farm at Søgaard in Ømark after the death of his wife in 1906?

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Carla J Tweeton

On the 1910 census at Søgaard farm in Øymark in Ostfold County, Julius is living with his parents :

Hans Johannsen Søgaard and Karoline Amalie Pedersdatter  along with the following siblings


Johannes Peter , born 1880

Hans Kristian     , born 1883   who married Anna Elizabeth Gråbøl on May 17, 1919

Einar Ludvig      , born 1885

Lars Mariusus   , born 1887

Dorthea Josefine , born 1891  who married Johan Edvin Iversen , on May 1, 1915


Anders Julius married Juliane Elise Andersdatter  8 Oct. 1904, she had lived at Sloreby in Øymark of

parents born in Västra Fagelvik   (Sweden).    After the birth of one child who died after birth, she died

of complications at birth of a second child which did not live. 


I have searched for a way to find out what happened to Anders Julius after this.  Apparently he stayed in

area as he was a godparent for a child of Johan Edvin Iversen and his sister Dorthea on 10 Sept, 1916.  The

child's name was Astha Kaspara.


In 1919, Anders Julius appears to.

be a witness at his brother Hans Kristian and Anna Elizabeth's wedding.


In 1927 Hans Kristian Hanssen (Grobøl) had a son born 26/1  1927 named Rolf Einar Hanssen.

There might even be a remote possibily that this son may still be living.


I really want to know what about the family as Anders Julius was married to my gt. grandfather's sister.


Thank you for any help.


Carla Tweeton

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Tor Weidling



In 1919 are Anders Julius Hansen and Johannes Peter Hansen mentioned as farmers at Gråbøl farm:

Kildeinformasjon: Østfold fylke, Øymark i Aremark, Ministerialbok nr. Fb 0005 (1895-1919), Ekteviede 1919, side 188.
Permanent sidelenke: http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?idx_kildeid=1807&idx_id=1807&uid=ny&idx_side=-182
Permanent bildelenke: http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:NBN:no-a1450-kb20050831030924.jpg


According to Øymark bygdebok vol 4, p. 17, a part of Gråbøl was sold i 1918 to the brothers Julius, Johannes and Kristian Hansen Søgård. In 1919 they bought an aditionel part of Gråbøl. In 1930 Kristian sold his share (1/3) to his brothers to Julius and Johannes. In his will (year not mentioned) Johannes gave his share to his brothers Julius and Einar and his cousine Anna Norderhaug. The farm was sold in 1935.


Best regards from Tor

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Anne-Lise Hansen

Link to the 1910 census: http://digitalarkivet.arkivverket.no/ft/bosted_land/bf01036345002249
They live at farm number 79 / 2.

Registration documents (from the Magistrate's office) for this farm:
Kildeinformasjon: Protokollnummer: II 7b1, Sted: Idd og Marker sorenskriveri, Aremark og Øymark, Oppbevaringssted: SAO
Merknader: Kopibok av realregister 7b for Aremark og Øymark. Lnr. 78 b-198. Til fol. 766.
Permanent bildelenke: http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:NBN:no-a1450-tl20080925200262.jpg
Permanent sidelenke: http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:tl_read?idx_id=21005&uid=ny&idx_side=-70


You may see some dates and some of their names (on the right page) in the documents.

Søgaard in the 1950 cadastral survey:
Marker 0119-79/2
79/2, 79/2-1, 1870 Ørje
Kommunenr:    0119
Kommune:    Marker
Gårdsnr:    79
Bruksnr:    2
Festenr:    0
Seksjonsnr:    0
Type:    Grunneiendom
Bruksnavn:    Søgård Søndre

See where the farm is situated at: seeiendom.no:

(Search for 79/2, Marker)

Edited by Anne-Lise Hansen

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