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Richard Einerson

Cicilia Pedersdatter Rusnaes

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Richard Einerson



I am fairly new to the forums, but was wondering if someone might help me with some translation of a probate document. This lady died in Novemebr of 1805. Her daughter was fathered by my ancestor, Einer Andersen Tjon. I believe he was married at the time of this probate and probably received guardianship of his daughter, Synneve, who was about 7 years old. I cannot find out where Cicilia Pedersdatter came from. She may have been baptized on 22 January, 1762 in Askvoll as Sedsele Pedersdatter Stromen (page 2). No father is listed. Does anyone have expertise with these type of probate document and what the basic highlights are for this particular one?:




I am very sorry if the link does not work but the record can be found by navigating to:


Skifteregister Ytre Sogn 1698-1853

Name: Cecilie Pedersdtr. Risnes

Judicial District: Lavik

Page: 34

Protocol: 13

Year: 1806-1809


Mange takk



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Yngve Nedrebø

May 10, 1806 the probate court came to the house of Anders Hansen Riisnæss to handle the estate of Cicilia Pedersdatter, who had been the servant of Anders Hansen.  Ejner Anderssen, a cottar from Tjøn in Leikanger, came to Risnes and told the court that he had a daughter Synneve, age 8, born out-of-wedlock with Ciciia. He had taken care of hos daughter since she was 3 years old. Hans Clausen Hovland from Leikanger should look after the interests of Synneve.


Anders Hansen brought to the court the things Cicilia had owned. She had left 14 riksdaler in cash, and a little silver as well as clothes and a few other items. She had given Bernt Mathiassen Hatlem, in Askvold, 6 rdr in cash as a loan. In all her estate consisted of 32 rdr 4 mark. Her daughter Synneve was her only heir, and she got 8 rdr 5 skilling after all the costs and debt had been taken care of.

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