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Porter Long

Anders Sivertsen Nordfjord i Roros, Sor-Trondelag i 1692

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Porter Long



Jeg ikke snaker norsk godt.  Jeg beglaker.  I will have to write in English, but please, use whatever language you are most comfortable with.  I will understand if you write in Norwegian (usually I can peice it together with part of my rudimentary understanding of Norwegian, along with help online).


I am looking for information regarding Anders Sivertsen Nordfjord.  There have been several threads regarding him (see http://forum.arkivverket.no/topic/181340-hvem-tror-du-at-du-er-2013/page-13and http://forum.arkivverket.no/topic/182217-sund-slekten-paa-roeros/page-2).


My connection to him goes through the Langen family:  My great grandfather was Jon Anders Langen (fodt 1889) --> Anders Olsen Langen --> Ole Olsen Langen --> Ole Olsen Langen --> Ole Estensen Langen --> Esten Jakobsen Sund --> Jakob Andersen Sund --> Anders Sivertsen Nordfjord.


From what has been said, he most likely came from Nordfjord (hence the efternavn), and that he died somewhere between 1692 and 1707.  From the book Opplysninger om en slekt Norfior ved Roros kobberverk by Aage Henrik Irgens, he has a note regarding an Anders Siffuersen Norfior who  is found on the payroll of the Copper works in 1685.  I know that the book has had issues and is not completely accurate, but I think there's good evidence to say that he was in Roros before 1685.   If he had children from the 1680's to around the year 1695, in Roros, I figure that he must have been born between 1620 and 1665.


I know that several theories have been put out regarding him, that he comes from Gloppen and other areas.  I don't know if there has been any other information regarding him proposed, but I did find this and I wanted to see what the group thought about it.  


There's a record in the Kopp Tax for Norfior in 1645 for an Anders Siffuersen and, supposedly, his brother Rasmus.  Both are married, but no children are listed.  Here is the website: http://da4.uib.no/cgi-win/webcens.exe?slag=visbase&sidenr=1&filnamn=kp14001645nf&gardpostnr=4704&personpostnr=4704


Is it possible that this is our Anders Siffuersen.  Does anyone know anything about Anders Siffuersen from Mycklebostadt farm, near Alfoten, in Nordfjord.  The parish would be Davik parish.


Thanks.  I have trouble reading the old records, so I don't know if there's more information out there regarding him.


Roy Anders Porter Long

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