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Pamela Doelmalik

Samuel Christiansen, from Risør born between 1600 – 1740?

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Pamela Doelmalik
My name is Pamela. I do research about my family three. I found some details about my ancenstry and they came from Norway. But I dont if thats true. I looked up in the norway register, but i find it difficult. 


I want to know if they come for Norway what is the date of birth, place and deceased and date of marriage?


1. I search for Samuel Christiaans (or Christensen or christian i dont know how you spell it) married to Maria Hansz. 

2. son of samuel and maria is Pieter Nicolaas Christiaans married to Maria Helena Koolman. 

3. The son of pieter nicolaas and maria helena is Philip Valentino Christiaans (born on Aruba) maried to Anna Catharina Wolff. 

Philip Valentino is 4th great-grand father of my mother. 


From the information that I have Samuel came from Vestor Risør, Aust-Agder, Norway between the year 1600 and 1740. Also I dont know what is true. 


And I want to know why samuel left Norway and to where? 



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Per Holte Rosenkilde



I can understand your confusion. I'm not the right guy to solve your problem, but hopefully I can help getting the right people involved. In the period you describe, two towns (or rather hamlets) on the South Coast of Norway were called Risør. The one in the east were usually called Østerrisør, and is the one called Risør today. But your anchestor Samuel is unlikely to have come from here.


The other one, which you correctly describe as vester Risør, lies about 200 km further to the Southwest, and is today known as the town Mandal. So we have to involve experts of that area. The name Vester Risør was primarily used as name of Mandal by Dutch sailors, and a considerable number of people from the area sailed on Dutch ships or moved temporarily or permanently to the Amsterdam area, so your story is likely to be true.


You indicate a long period for his possible birth (1600 - 1740). I guess the experts would appreciate more guidance on this point, for instance if you know the dates of birth or marriage of Pieter Nicolas, or the birth of Philip Valentino.


Best regards,



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Pamela Doelmalik

Hi Per,


Thank you for reply on my advertisement, with your information I know something more about the history/background of those immigrants. 


This information is what I have: Pieter Nicolaas (birth: 1745) married to Maria Helena Koolman (birth: 6 march 1746) !! But I dont know of those birth years are true, 50th years old they have Pieter Nicolaas!! 

Son of Pieter Nicolaas and Maria Helena is Philip Valentino born on Aruba (1792- 9 nov 1885) married to Anna Catharina Wolff (marriage: 1817) born: 1792-1821. 


This is everything what I have. I hope that others can help me. 


Thank you. 

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