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Tybring Hemphill

Emigration of Albert Emil Sundby (born Oslo 1842) to America in 1864/65

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Tybring Hemphill

I am trying to learn more about what became of the brother of my great great grandfather.  Albert Emil Sundby was born in Oslo in Sept. 25 1842 and baptized (Dec 26, 1842) and Confirmed (April 17 1857) in Domkirke (I have found the records already).  His father was skraeddermester Ole Larsen Sundby.  Albert, who may have preferred to use his middle name Emil, does not appear in the 1865 census.  However, from his father's estate documents in 1897 it is clear that in 1897 Albert was living in the U.S.A where he was a painter.  A record has been found of an Emil Sundby aged 61 (i.e. born in 1842) living in New York State in 1903 who was a painter and who had emigrated from Norway 38 years previously (i.e. 1865) and who had lived in New York State for 18 years.  I have a photo of the entire Sundby family which shows Albert and which, based on the apparent age of the youngest child Herman Valentin, was probably taken in 1864/65 upon the anticipated departure of Albert for the US.  Attached you will see Albert with his father.  I have looked in the Domkirke Utflyttede records and do not find any record of him leaving.  I have also looked in the "emigranter" records on Digitalarkivet and other internet sources and cannot find any record of him actually leaving Norway.  Unfortunately, I also cannot find anyone who is clearly him in the 1870 or 1880 US census.  I do not know if he ever had any children, but he is single in 1903.  I would very much like to learn when and how he left Norway, where he sailed to and what he did in the US and of course if he did have any children.  If he had a brother act in his place for his father's estate in 1897, would there exist documents signed by him which might give more information about him and how would one find such documents?  There is some discussion of him on two other debates where members of this forum have been enormously helpful:


Birth and Death of sisters Martine Louise Sundby(e) and Laura Emilie Sundby(e) - Brukernes eget forum - Arkivverket

Brothers Albert Emil Sundby(e) and Carl Fredrik Sundby(e) of Oslo - Brukernes eget forum - Arkivverket


Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.



Sundby, Albert Emil.tiff

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