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Correct parents of Sjul (Sjur) Jørgensen

Carla J Tweeton

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Carla J Tweeton

I have the parents of Sjul  Jørgensen , born ca 1730 as Jorgen Toresen Kløvstad and Anne Torsteinsdatter Teigen.

Also possibility of A. Hans Jørgensen and A. Berith Monsdatter ??    This is in Buskerud Co., the Sandsvær area.

His wife was Else Dorthe Olsdtr. Dahl ; I have her parents as Ole Mortensen and Anne Benjaminsen which may or

not be very wrong.    I've searched the Sandsvær  Historie books I have but do not have the ones I need, I guess.


Thank you for any help.

Carla Tweeton 

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Dag Thorsdalen

Carla, his parents are Jørgen Toreson Kløvstad and Anne Torsteinsdatter Teigen.

Here is his baptism: https://digitalarkivet.arkivverket.no/gen/vis/255/pd00000003485521

Syver is the same as Sjul - or Sjur, as I prefer.


You have Else Dorte's parents correct too. Her surname should be Grue or Grube, not Dahl. Dahl refers to that she lived on the Dal øvre farm in both her marriages, but she wasn't born there.


Jørgen's origin is mention in "Sandsværs historie" Vol. 6, page 167 and Else Dorte's in Vol. 7, page 196, 220 and 371. Their adult life is mentioned in Vol. 6, page 482.


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Carla J Tweeton


Thank you for helping so much.  I spent the morning scouring Vol. 6 and found what you have referred to. 

If you have the time to summarize some about Else Dorte from Vol 7, I'd be grateful.  If not, I can ask the

Numedalslag here as they have all the books somewhere in Minnesota...if you are acquainted  with the book

'Seterdrift I Sandsvær', Gerd  Næss sent me the book years ago.  Page 279 - 280 tell about my gt. gt.

grandfather, Kittil Olsen Bustul.  Page 280 gives a story of Kong Oskar at Bustul.


Best regards,

Carla Kittelson Tweeton

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Dag Thorsdalen

I have the book "Seterdrift i Sandsvær" and I have read the story about the king and your ancestor before. Else Dorte was the gx2-grandmorther of my great-grandfather's first wife (I descend from his second marriage), so I already have her and her parents in my database. This is through her daughter Karen Syrene (1767-1846) in her second marriage to Assel Kristofferson Hedenstad (Dal) (1735-1789).


I have put together what is mentioned about her family in Vol. 7 and supllied it with some additional information from elsewhere in the books and from my own database:


Page 134, Klokkerud:

Ole Mortenson Klokkerud/Myhre, born ca. 1692, died 1742. Married to Anne Benjaminsdatter Grue, born 1707, died 1773. Children:

1. Morten, born ca. 1728, died 1801, married first time 1751 to widow Margrete Kirstine Jonasdatter Barth (c1717-1760), second time 1761 to Marte Andersdatter. He took over Klokkerud and lived there until the 1770s, at Landsverk in 1774.

2. Benjamin, born ca. 1730, died 1809 in Kongsberg, married first time 1749 to Kirsti Borgersdatter Hillestad (1712-1761), second time ca. 1762 to Anne Pedersdatter (c1733-1809), lived at the Berg farm until ca. 1770, later in Kongsberg.

3. Else Dorte, born ca. 1732, married 1755 to Sjur Jørgenson Kløvstad, see Dal.

4. Anne Cathrine, born ca. 1734, died 1809, married to Tov Sjurson Fusche, Kongsberg (died 1801)

5. Åse Marie, born 1737, died 1773, married 1758 to Baltzer Hanson Lindem (1730-1805), lived at Engeland, later Bø søndre.

6. Malene, born ca. 1737, died 1742

7. Peter Grube, born and died 1741.

In 1744 Anne Benjaminsdatter remarried Johannes Jørgenson Berg, se farm no 110, Myhre.


Page 220-221, Myhre:

Ole Mortenson Klokkerud, born ca. 1692, died 1742, married to Anne Benjaminsdatter Grube, born 1707, died 1773. Their daughter Åse Marie, married to Baltzer Bø, see farm no 53. About Ole’s and Anne’s family, se farm no 109, Klokkerud.

In 1744 Anne remarried Johannes Jørgenson Berg, born 1719, died on Myhre 1790. Sub-sexton Hedenstad Church, was also now and then a school teacher in Hedenstad, but because of his large farm, most likely this wasn’t a permant job (T. O. Gran). Children:

1. Jørgen, born 1745, mining supervisor, married in Kongsberg 1770 to Susanne Tovsdatter Fusche (born ca. 1750 - his half-sister’s step-daughter).

2. Olea Malene, born 1746, died 1821, married 1779 to Søren Bernhoft Aarøe (1738-1825). They took over the Myhre farm.

3. Gjertrud Laurentia, born 1748, died 1830, married 1770 to leading mining supervisor Hans Jørgen Henschien.

In 1753 Morten Olson sold a piece of land named Østre Tveita to Johannes Jørgenson Myhre for 180 thalers. At the time of probate registration after Anne had died their estate comprised of Myhre (15 out of 20 lispund) and the croft of Østre Tveit (5 lispund); animals: 1 horse, 8 cattle, 4 sheep;  silverware. Estate gross total 3018 thalers, net 2524 thalers.


Page 371, Hedenstad:

Ole Mortenson Klokkerud,/Myhre born ca. 1692, died 1742, married to Anne Benjaminsdatter Grube, born 1707, died 1773. In 1744 Anne sold Hedenstadkverna to Kristen Jakobson.



The information in the book that Anne Benjaminsdatter was born in 1707 is unconfirmed. I don't know the source. She wasn't baptized in Sandsvær or Kongsberg, and with my knowledge to the books, I prefer to put a ca. before the year of her birth. Unfortunately nothing is known about the origin of either of Else Dorte's parents.


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