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Richard Lervold

How to calculate correct birth dates

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Richard Lervold

I have been looking of Kings in the early time in the Norway area and have a question at to determine what was the proper birth date.



1 KING .

Notes for Fornjotur Kvenland King:

Geni: About Fornjotur Kvenland, king

Alternative Birth Date: 100 AD Actual

Death Date: Uncertain


FORNJOT "the Ancient Giant", King of Kvenland.

Born (about 100 BC)(in 160-S3). He is said to be a giant (jötun), which seems to be related to

his name (Fornjot - Old Jotun).


From the above information, was he born about 100AD or 100BC.  Also, what does the "160-S3' have to do with his estimated birth date.


I have tried to research this information on Google and Google Chromes and get a lot of different interpretations.


Hope someone can help on this one.



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Thore Senneset

The "Hversu Noregr byggðist" (from Flateybok) is an Icelandic collection of texts about mythological Norwegian families and as such cannot be given any value as genealogical sources. These texts have to be regarded as (at best) speculations and mostly pure fantasy.

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