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Clytee Gold

Help with a 1830 marriage record

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Clytee Gold


This is a marriage record from Kristiansand in 1830.  This is the marriage of my great-great-great grandparents.

My questions are:

1. What is the occupation of the bride groom?

2. Where were the groom and bride from? (groom born Holme, now lives Christiansand? Bride from ?)

3. What is the occupation of the groom's father?

4. Was the bride's father a farmer?


Thank you so much,

Clytee Gold

Hans Sorensen & Inger Christine Torgjusdatter marriage.JPG

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Knut Torsethaugen

Here is my suggestions

1. The bride groom occupation was: Styrmand i.e. ship officer (steering the ship), could be captain.

He also was a Enkemand i.e. a widower

2. The bride was from (???) in Søgne sogn (menighet) outside Kristiansand

3. The grooms father was Bonde i.e. Farmer

4. The brides father was Gaardmand i.e.  he probably worked on a farm

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Ivar S. Ertesvåg

1. "Styrmand" is right; the translation would depend on the vessel, but normally the 2nd in command (after the captain), i.e. chief mate/chief officer or first mate/officer (a very large vessel will have both a first mate ("Overstyrmann", who then is No. 2 on board) and a chief mate)).

2. The entry (heading) is birth place and residence for the groom; just birth place for the bride: "Søgne Sogn". In theory, she might have moved in the first days of her life and be "from" somewhere else.

4. "Gaardmand" means approximately the same as "bonde" (i.e. peasant or farmer); the distinction might be incidental and depend on the writer, time and location.

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