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Richard Lervold

Last Name Confusion.

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Richard Lervold

I building my family treed, I have come across several individuals with a hyphen the last name.


These names include:

Albert Glob-Due (c1467-c1519)

Oluf  Pedersen Glob-Due (-1503)

Peder Morgensen Glob-Due) c1374-1478)


There are 7 additional persons with the hyphened last name.


I also have a children for Albert with just "Glob" for the last name.


I also have a couple persons with Oluf Pedersen Glob (Due) spelling.


Now, my question is was there a name change and the "-Due" or the (Due) indicate the name change?


And, should I group all these individuals in my tree program under the "Glob" last name?


I hope there are some that can help me with this.


Thank you.


Richard Lervold

Las Vegas, Nevada



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