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Thad Carlson

Land purchase record Aurland, Sogn og Fjordane, 1738~1762

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Thad Carlson



I am looking for help to find a land purchase record in Aurland, Sogn og Fjordane between 1738 and 1762.  My 5th great-grandfather was Knud Sjursen (1703 ~ 1781), and he moved to the Thærum sometime after his marriage to wife Ingeborg Larsdatter (1716 ~ 1794). 


The first record we see that he lived on Thærum is the birth of his second child Sønneve (1742 ~ 1807).  Here is her baptism record:  http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?idx_kildeid=8611&idx_id=8611&uid=ny&idx_side=-33 


All other children born to Knud and Ingeborg from 1742 to 1758 were also born on Thærum.  He and wife Ingeborg appear in the Extra Tax of 1762 as an owner of unit #3 on the Thærum farm.  Here is that record:



I cannot read the property records, so I hope that someone here is familiar with the databases and can look this transaction up for me.  If this is too much to ask for help, a referral to a local genealogist would be appreciated.   I hope to find a link to an online scanned record and translation of important information.  


Thank you for your time and consideration.  Good luck with your own research, and thank you for helping me with my research.


~ Thad Carlson

St. Paul, Minnesota, USA 


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Terje Tandsether

Here is a deed of January 7, 1761 from Ole Tingestad and wife Mette Iversdatter where they sell Tærum farm to Knut Sjursen for 150 riksdaler (at the bottom on the right side): https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/12444/18?indexing


The next letter in this record is a loan from Ole Larsen Ryum to Knut Sjursen Tærum, which was 99 riksdaler that Knut needed to pay for the farm.


And here is a deed of November 9, 1770 from Knut Sjursen to his son Lars Knutsen on the Terum farm (left side): https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/12445/108?indexing


The deeds give no information where Knut came from, but maybe you like to see them.

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Thad Carlson

Thank you, Terje!  I should have thought to send you a note to ask about this.  I have Knut's engagement record, marriage record, burial record, Extra Tax of 1762 record, and all baptism records for the children.  Is there anything else I am missing that you can share?  Thanks again for your help.


~ Thad 

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