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"Jordfestelsesdato" vs Burial date

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I do read some Norwegian, but hesitate to write it.

I have noticed that the is often several  months between the date of burial and the "Jordfestelsesdato" (which I also do not quite know how to translate). My question is what is a "Jordfestelse" ?  and what would be the American equivalent?

I would be thankful for getting your wisdom on this matter.


Best Regards

Jens N Jensen

Everett, Washington, United States

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Ivar S. Ertesvåg

The answer is simple and complex.....


The simple version: "jordfesting" is the graveside ceremony held by the clergy; sprinkling three dashes of earth on the coffin with a certain ritual.

I think you can tranlate it into "graveside ceremony" or similar.


"begravelse", "gravferd" (and som more terms) are the act of bringing the coffin to the graveyard, lower it into the grave and fill the grave with earth.

Historically, this was conducted by the family, friends and neighbours.

The "jordfesting" can be done after lowering the coffin (usual today), in the church (rare, but happens) or after the grave is filled (usual before ~1900).

In the latter case, a tree trunk was placed on the coffin. This could be drawn up later, to make a hole where the three dashes of earth could be

trown onto the coffin by the clergy. In this way, "jordfesting" could take place after the burial.


The complex version....

For most of the 1800s, church registries had a column for death date and one for "begravlese". Some clergy then noted the date of the graveside ceremony,

while some note the date of the burial. In many cases, it cannot be decided which of the dates that is actually recorded.

When the dates are far apart, it must be the graveside ceremony. If the intervals generally are short, you cannot say.


Even more complex....

I suspect your "American equivalent" may be somewhat diverse.



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